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Monday Mar 29 2021

Team Canada, Alberta's Brendan Bottcher, Darren Moulding, Brad Thiessen, and Karrick Martin, supplemented by Marc Kennedy as the new named alternate, begins play Friday morning in the 2021 World Men's Championship in Calgary. Kennedy, an Olympic (with Kevin Martin) and World (with Martin & Kevin Koe) Gold Medallist was added as an insuracne policy in case Darren Moulding is unable to play. Moulding was unable to complete the recent Canadian Mixed Doubles but declared himself 'back to normal' and 'eager to get on the ice for practice tomorrow' in a Monday morning Zoom news event. The rest of the Team Canada support team includes Coach Don Bartlett and National Coach Jeff Stoughton.

Friday 2 April (10:00AM CDT) Scotland VS Canada
Friday 2 April (8:00PM CDT) Japan VS Canada

Saturday 3 April (10:00AM CDT) Denmark VS Canada 

Sunday 4 April (10:00AM CDT) Switzerland VS Canada
Sunday 4 April (3:00PM CDT) Netherlands VS Canada

Monday 5 April (10:00AM CDT) United States VS Canada
Monday 4 April (3:00PM CDT) Korea VS Canada 

Tuesday 6 April (3:00PM CDT) Italy VS Canada
Tuesday 6 April (8:00PM CDT) China VS Canada 

Wednesday 7 April (3:00PM CDT) Russia VS Canada
Wednesday 7 April (8:00PM CDT) Sweden VS Canada

Thursday 8 April (8:00PM CDT)
Norway VS Canada

Friday 9 April (10:00AM CDT) Germany VS Canada


Friday 9 April (8:00PM CDT) Playoffs Qualification Game (if needed)

Saturday 10 April (10:00AM CDT) Playoffs Qualification Game (if needed)
Saturday 10 April (3:00PM CDT) Semi-final One
Saturday 10 April (8:00PM CDT) Semi-final Two

Sunday 11 April (NOON CDT) Bronze Medal Game
Sunday 11 April (5:00PM CDT) Gold Medal Final

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