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Distinct Manitoba Flavour to Mixed Doubles Playoffs

Tuesday Mar 23 2021
by Resby Coutts

For a Manitoba curling fan, it is fun point out that all but one of the 12 teams in the Mixed Doubles playoffs are either Manitoba Teams (Shaidak-Lott) or Manitoba-connected teams. The Manitoba-connected teams fall into two categories; those with current year Manitoba based Scotties championship teams (Jones, Einarson, and Peterson) and those with a slightly more round-about but nonetheless real Manitoba connection to Manitoba championships.

Current year Manitoba championship representatives: EINARSON: Kerri Einarson (Brad Gushue), Val Sweeting (Marc Kennedy), Shannon Birchard (Caitlin Schneider); JONES: Jennifer Jones (Brent Laing), Jocelyn Peterman (Brett Gallant), Lisa Weagle (John Epping); and PETERSON: Brittany Tran (Aaron Sluchinski).

Three other teams have Manitoba championship connections. Most direct, of course, is that Ryan Fry (Emma Miskew) is a former Manitoba Junior and Men’s champion. Kirk Muyres (Laura Walker) played in the Brier this year with former Manitoba Junior champion Matt Dunstone. John Morris (Danielle Shmiemann) is the son of former Manitoba Men’s champion Earle Morris and was born in Manitoba.

That’s eleven! The only one of the 12 playoff teams which does not have an immediately obvious Manitoba connection is the impressive young Newfoundland-Labrador duo of Mackenzie Mitchell and Greg Smith. And who knows, with that old six degrees of separation theory, maybe they are Manitoba-connected as well.

Good luck to all of them!!

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