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Einarson-Gushue GOLDEN!!

Thursday Mar 25 2021
by Photo: Curling Canada-Michael Burns

Kerri Einarson has won her second Canadian title in as many events in the curling bubble in Calgary. After winning the Scotties title earlier, Einarson and Brad Gushue won the  Home Hardware Mixed Doubles Championship Thursday evening with a 9-6 win over Kadriana Sahaidak and Colton Lott. The game changed on the first end when Sahaidak/Lott had a difficult but makeable last rock double kill for a possible four but gave up a steal of one. The young team gave up a steal of four on end four but continued to fight, scoring a four of their own on the 7th end but too little too late.

After the game, Colton shouldered the blame. "I came out flat. You can't afford to come out flat." 

It was a second silver medal at Canadian Mixed Doubles for the young Interlake couple who also earned an Canadian Mixed Doubles Trials berth. Ironically, the Trials will be un-necessary if Einarson/Gushue fall short at the World Mixed Doubles in Aberdeen in May. As happened four years ago, when Reid Carruthers & Joanne Courtney were in the same position, the Canadian champs must finish in the top seven to qualify Canada into the Olympics.

In her post-game meeting with media, Einarson first heaped praise on the silver medalists. "It was a difficult victory for me," she said. "I've played so much with and against them. I am so proud of them."

'It is amazing to win two championships in the same year," she went on. 'I had no expectations coming in - my first time, the sweeping, the judging. I'm really proud of myself and Brad."

She also acknowledged  the benefits of playing with such an elite partner. "Shots I wouldn't normally play which Brad sees. It has made me a better player."

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(Thursday Afternoon) Manitoba Interlake Will Have Another Canadian Curling Gold Medal: Manitoba's Interlake region will be home to at least one 2021 Home Hardware Mixed Double Gold Medal, and perhaps two, as Scotties champion Kerri Einarson of Gimli and her partner, Newfoundland's Brad Gushue, have advanced to the final. The semi-final winners, with a 7-6 win over Danielle Schmiemann & John Morris, will meet the Winnipeg Beach duo of Kadriana Sahaidak & Colton Lott in the gold medal game Thursday evening (8PM CST). Strategically, Einarson/Gushue gave up a steal of one for a 6-6 tie in the seventh end in order to retain last rock coming home. Needing a draw to the full eight-foot circle, Einarson made no mistake - biting the button for the win.

After the game in a Zoom meeting with media, Gushue  acknowledged the teams' relative inexperiecne in the Mixed Doubles game. "We're relying on execution," he said. "We don't have the experience some of these teams have so we are maybe making some mistakes in strategy and timing." The comment was no doubt an acknowledgement of the greater Mixed Doubles experience of Sahaidak/Lott, who have previously won both Bronze and Silver Medals at the Canadian Championship as well as a World Cup Gold Medal.

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201 002 10  6

(Wednesday Evening) Sahaidak-Lott A Win Away from Gold: The triumphant run of Kadriana Sahaidak & Colton Lott continued Wednesday evening at the Canadian Mixed Doubles Championship. The team, representing Winnipeg Beach Curling Club, defeated Olympic Gold Medalist John Morris & Danielle Schmiemann 7-6 in the Page 1-2 Playoff game to advance to the Thursday evening Gold Medal game. Assured now of their second Canadian mixed Doubles Silver Medal, the young team will try to upgrade to Gold in the final against the winner of the Wednesday afternoon semi-final.

That game will feature Schmiemann/Morris playing Kerri Einarson & Brad Gushue who advanced with an 8-6 win in the Page 3-4 Playoff game over Laura Walker & Kirk Muyres. The only unbeaten team coming into play Wednesday, they lost a pair of games and were eliminated with the evening loss.

020 020 20  6
102 103 01  8

110 002 02  6
002 120 20  7

(Wednesday Afternooon) Sahaidak-Lott Advance to Page 1-2 Game, Drop Einarson-Gushue to Page 3-4: Kadriana Sahaidak and Colton Lott, the young team from Manitoba's Interlake, have earned two chances to advance to the final defeat at the Home Hardware Canadian Mixed Doubles by defeating Kerri Einarson & Brad Gushue 8-5 Wednesday afternoon. Sahaidak-Lott will play Danielle Schmiemann & John Morris, who defeated Laura Walker & Kirk Muyres 6-5 in the other Page Playoff ranking game.

The Sahaidak-Lott VS Schmiemann-Morris game is set for 7:30PM CST Wednesday with the winner advancing to the Gold Medal game and the loser dropping to the semi-final. The Einarson-Gushue vs Walker-Muyres games is also Wednesday evening with the loser eliminated and the winner advancing to the semi-final.

The eventual Gold Medal winners will represent Canada at the World Mixed Doubles, announced earlier today to be played in Aberdeen, Scotland in mid-May.

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100 104 11  8

003 0003 0X  6
110 110 1X  5

(Wednesday Morning) Einarson-Gushue to play Sahaidak-Lott: Jennifer Jones and Brent Laing ran off five consecutive round robin wins but lost the sixth and then collapsed completely in the playoff round, losing Wednesday 11-2 to Kerri Einarson & Brad Gushue. A five on the first end set the tone for the game. Einarson/Gushue advance to play Kadriana Sahaidak & Colton Lott who defeated Jocelyn Peterman & Brett Gallant 8-7 on an extra end. Sahadiak won the game with a draw on that extra end which had to effectively cover the pinhole.

Laura Walker & Kirk Muyres remained unbeaten, winning their second playoff game - a 9-3 win over Lisa Weagle & John Epping. Walker/Muyres will move on to play the winner of Danielle Schmiemann & John Morris who made a last rock draw to defeat VS Shannon Birchard & Caitlin Schneider 8-7.

The final four now play for ranking in a Page Playoff with the winners advancing to the 1-2 game and th losers going to the 3-4 game.

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532 010 XX  11

020 030 11
102 103 00

010 200 0X  3
203 011 2X  9

030 200 20  7
202 021 01  8



(Tuesday Evening) Einarson, Birchard, Sahaidak-Lott Win, Advance to Next Playoff Round: Kerri Einarson and Brad Gushue led most of the way but needed a final end single for a 9-8 win in their first round playoff game with Brittany Tran & Aaron Sluchinski. The Albertans had scored four on the 7th end to tie the game. Einarson/Gushue will play Jennifer Jones & Brent Laing Wednesday at 11:30AM CST.

Kadriana Sahaidak & Colton Lott jumped out to a five point lead after three ends enroute to an 8-3 win over Mackenzie Mitchell & Greg Smith, the first team from Newfoundland-Labrador to qualify for playoffs at the Canadian Mixed Doubles.  Sahaidak/Lott will move on to play Jocelyn Peterman & Brett Gallant.

Lisa Weagle & John Epping stole a point coming home for 6-5 victory over Val Sweeting & Marc Kennedy. Weagle/Epping advance to play undefeated Laura Walker & Kirk Muyres.

Shannon Birchard & Caitlin Schneider, the last team to qualify for the playoffs based on the tiebreaker formula, led Emma Miskew & Ryan Fry 5-1 after three ends enroute to a 10-6 victory. Birchard/Schneider will play Danielle Schmiemann & John Morris in the next round.

402 101 01  9
020 020 40  8 

000 102 0X  3
311 010 2X  8

011 101 012  7
200 020 100  5

041 020 3X  10
100 302 0X  6

PLAYOFFS SET at Home Hardware Mixed Doubles: Jennifer Jones & Brent Laing, Jocelyn Peterman & Brett Gallant, Danielle Schmiemann & John Morris, and Laura Walker & Kirk Muyres are ranked as the top four among the Pool winners and have been advanced one step in the 12-team playoff round. Emma Miskew & Ryan Fry were the winner of the fifth Pool. 

Jones/Laing will play the winnner of a first round game: Kerri Einarson & Brad Gushue VS Brittany Tran & Aaron Sluchinski.

Peterman/Gallant will play the winner of Kadriana Shaidak & Colton Lott VS Mackenzie Mitchell & Greg Smith.

Schmiemann/Morris will play the winner of Emma Miskew & Ryan Fry VS Shannon Birchard & Caitlin Schneider.

Walker/Muyres will play the winner of Val Sweeting & Marc Kennedy VS Lisa Weagle & John Epping.

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