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Bottcher's Team Alberta Wins Brier Final

Saturday Mar 13 2021

Sunday Wins over Dunstone and Koe

Brendan Bottcher and his Alberta team won a pair of games Sunday to finally win the Tim Hortons Brier championship. The Bottcher team had played in the last three Brier finals, losing to Kow once and Brad Gushue twice. Bottcher, Darren Moulding, Brad Thiessen and Karrick Martin defeated Matt Dunstone's Saskatchewan team 6-5 in the afternoon semi-final and then best Kevin Koe's Wild Card team 4-2 in the final.

Bottcher was named the recipient of the Ross Harstone Sportsmanship Award, voted by the players.  The All-Satrs were;

First Team
Skip — Brad Gushue, Canada
Third — Braeden Moskowy, Saskatchewan
Second — Brad Thiessen, Alberta
Lead — Ben Hebert, Wild Card #2

Second Team
Skip — Kevin Koe, Wild Card #2
Third —B.J. Neufeld, Wild Card #2
Second — Brett Gallant, Team Canada
Lead — Ryan Harnden, Northern Ontario

(Saturday Evening) Koe Into the Brier Final; Dunstone-Bottcher Semi-final: With a 7-6 win over the Wild Card/Howard-Middaugh team, Kevin Koe's Wild Card team has advanced to the Tim Hortons Brier final in Calgary. Koe's 10-2 record is a win better than Matt Dunstone (Saskatchewan) and Brendan Bottcher (Alberta) after both won their final round robin games as well. Dunctone bested Jason Gunnlaugson while Bottcher pushed Brad Gushue (Team Canada) to the sidelines.

Gunnlaugson's Team Manitoba lost a third consecutive game Saturday evening, 9-6 to Saskatchewan (Dunstone), to finish with a 6-6 record. Northern Ontario (Jacobs) and Ontario (Epping)  both finished 7-5 following a 9-3 Jacobs win in their final game.

Semi-Final: 1:30PM CST Saskatchewan VS Alberta
Final: 7:30PM CST Wild Card/Koe VS WINNER of Semi-final

9-2 Wild Card 2/Koe

9-3 Saskatchewan/Dunstone
9-3 Alberta/Bottcher
8-3 Wild Card 3/Howard-Middaugh
8-4 Team Canada/Gushue
7-5 Northern Ontario/Jacobs
7-5 Ontario/Epping

6-6 Manitoba/Gunnlaugson

(Saturday Afternoon) Koe Leads the Brier with 9W - 2L Record: Manitoba Jason Gunnlaugson and Brad Jacob's Northern Ontario team were both eliminated from playoff contention with losses on the Saturday afternoon draw in Calgary. Manitoba was beaten 12-4, giving up 12 for the second game in a row, by Wild Card/Kevin Koe who stands alone in first place with a 9-2 record. Jacobs was beaten by Matt Dunstone and Team Saskatchewan who improved to 8-3, tied with Team Canada (Gushue) and Wild Card #3 (Howard-Middaugh) after Gushue won their game. Alberta's Brendan Bottcher is also 8-3 after defeating Ontario's John Epping.

The final three advancing to the playoffs could be determined on the late draw Saturday. If Koe beats Howard-Middaugh, Koe will finish first at 10-2. A Dunstone win over Gunnlaugson would give Saskatchewan a 9-3 record tied with the winner of the Gushue vs Bottcher game. Koe, Dunstone, and the winner of the Gushue- Bottcher game would be the final three.

Alternative senarios are also possible. A four-way tie for first is possible. Koe could be 9-3 with a loss to Howard-Middaugh who would also be 9-3 along with Howard-Middaugh. Saskatchewan would be 9-3 with a win over Manitoba along with the winner of the Alberta-Team Canada game.

A four-way tie for third place is also possible. In that scenario Koe would win and finish first at 10-2 dropping Howard-Middaugh to 8-4. The winner of Bottcher-Gushue would finish second at 9-3 with the loser at 8-4. A Saskatchewan loss to Manitoba and an Ontario win over Northern ONtario would also put Dunstone and Epping at 8-4.

NEXT GAMES: 7:30PM CST Saturday
Wild Card 3/Howard-Middaugh VS Wild Card 2/Koe
Team Canada/Gushue VS Alberta/Bottcher
Saskatchewan/Dunstone VS Manitoba/Gunnlaugson  
Northern Ontario/Jacobs VS Ontario/Epping 

9-2 Wild Card 2/Koe

8-3 Wild Card 3/Howard-Middaugh
8-3 Alberta/Bottcher
8-3 Team Canada/Gushue
8-3 Saskatchewan/Dunstone
7-4 Ontario/Epping
6-5 Northern Ontario/Jacobs
6-5 Manitoba/Gunnlaugson

(Friday Evening) Koe and Howard-Middaugh Teams Lead First With 8W - 2L Record: Manitoba's Jason Gunnlaugson and Northern Ontario's Brad Jacobs have fallen within a loss of being eliminated from playoff contention at the Brier in Calgary. Gunnlaugson was thrashed by Team Canada (12-2) Friday evening while Jacobs lost to Kevin Koe leaving the two with 6-4 records. Koe's 8-2 record has his Wild Card team back in a share of first place after Wild Card Team Howard-Middaugh lost to John Epping (Ontario). Gushue and Epping are at 7-3 and tied with Matt Dunstone (Saskatchewan) and Brendan Bottcher (Alberta) after Dunstone beat Bottcher on the evening draw.

NEXT GAMES: 1:30PM CST Saturday
Wild Card 3/Howard-Middaugh VS Team Canada/Gushue
Saskatchewan/Dunstone VS Northern Ontario/Jacobs
Ontario/Epping VS Alberta/Bottcher
Manitoba/Gunnlaugson VS Wild Card 2/Koe

8-2 Wild Card 3/Howard-Middaugh
8-2 Wild Card 2/Koe
7-3 Alberta/Bottcher
7-3 Team Canada/Gushue
7-3 Ontario/Epping
7-3 Saskatchewan/Dunstone
6-4 Northern Ontario/Jacobs
6-4 Manitoba/Gunnlaugson

(Friday Afternoon) Howard-Middaugh Teams Leads the Way With 8W - 1L Record: Manitoba's Jason Gunnlaugson team faced a series of must-win games as the second round of play began today at the Calgary Brier. Their first game win, 7-6 over John Epping's Ontario team kept them in the chase with a 6-2 record. Also at 6-2 are Northern Ontario (Brad Jacobs) and Team Canada (Brad Gushue) after Jacobs beat Gushue as well as Saskatchewan's Matt Dunstone, who lost to the Wild Card Howard team skipped by Wayne Middaugh.

The Wild Card Howard-Middaugh foursome lead the way with a record of 8-1, a win ahead of Alberta's Brenda Bottcher and the Wild Card Kevin Koe team who are both at 7-2 following a Bottcher first game win over Koe.

NEXT GAME: at 7:30PM CST Friday
Manitoba/Gunnlaugson VS Team Canada/Gushue
Wild Card 2/Koe VS Northern Ontario/Jacobs
Wild Card 3/Howard-Middaugh VS Ontario/Epping
Saskatchewan/Dunstone VS Alberta/Bottcher

8-1 Wild Card 3/Howard-Middaugh
7-2 Wild Card 2/Koe
7-2 Alberta/Bottcher
6-3 Team Canada/Gushue
6-3 Ontario/Epping
6-3 Saskatchewan/Dunstone
6-3 Northern Ontario/Jacobs
6-3 Manitoba/Gunnlaugson

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