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Rae Kujanpaa IS The Everyman Curler

Friday Feb 26 2021
by Resby Coutts

I have known Rae Kujanpaa for 30 years. As a reporter, I have known him as a pretty talented curler and a personable guy – agreeable to interview. As a Master of Ceremonies, I have introduced him quite a few times at championship banquets and pre-game ceremonies and have known him as one of the more challenging name pronunciations in our sport.

For the record, the proper pronunciation (koo yan pa) has the Scandinavian J sounded as a Y. I give myself a B grade, I figure I got it right most of the time.

I have never, however, known he is also a pretty eloquent wordsmith. His pandemic project, a book on the life of a non-celebrity, mid-level competitive curler beating around the Manitoba curling scene, is available now at amazon.ca

Rae is The Everyman Curler, one of us – a pretty good high end club level curler with competitive aspirations but with more important things in his life than the next curling game.

His story is the story of many thousands of curlers across the country and he tells it without regret for what might have been and with honest appreciation for what was.

I was honoured when Rae asked me to write the Foreword for the book and I have no hesitation in recommending it. It is worth a read!

Available in paperback or e-version - check it out at amazon.ca  Look for The Everyman Curler by Rae Kujanpaa                                                                                           

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