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Team Fleury-Carey Finishes Round Robin at 5-3

Thursday Feb 25 2021
by Resby Coutts, Photo: Curling Canada/Andrew Klaver

Formally known as Wild Card Team #1, the Chelsea Carey skipped Tracy Fleury team has completed their round robin with a record of 5 wins and 3 losses with an 11-2 win Thursday morning over Newfoundland-Labrador.

Asked if three losses is too many in this year's format, Carey promptly responded "you can't worry about your record. You play every game to win and then worry about if your record was good enough to make the playoffs."

Done at 5-3, Team Fleury-Carey will watch tonight assured their name is still alive in the championship round discussion.  Manitoba, Quebec and Saskatchewan are all at 5-2 and lead Pool B. Wild Card Team Fleury Carey at 5-3 is a win ahead of PEI at 4-3. Final standings in the pool will be determined on the late draw when Saskatchewan plays Nfld-Labrador, Manitoba meets Nunavut, Quebec plays New Brunswick, and PEI plays BC. Depending on wins and losses in those games, a five-way at 5-3 is possible. Three teams at 6-2 and two at 5-3 is also a possibility. A loss by PEI would also mean Team Fleury-Carey is through to the next round. Only four teams advance to the championship

Wild Card/Fleury-Carey
200 220 12x x  11
010 001 00x x  2

(Wednesday Afternoon) Loss for Team Fleury-Carey, Quebec Alone Atop Pool B: A loss for Wild Card Team Fleury-Carey, 8-7 at the hands of Team Saskatchewan Wednesday afternoon, has dropped the Wild Card team's record to 4-3 with one game left to play. Quebec, who won again today, lead Pool B with a record of 5-2. Team Manitoba, who defeated PEI 9-5 today, shares second place in the group with Saskatchewan, both with 4-2 records. The Wild Card Team has a record of 4-3 with a MUST WIN game remaining against Newfoundland-Labrador on Wednesday morning. PEI, BC and New Brunswick all have three losses, along with three wins. 

012 002 010 2  8
Wild Card/Fleury-Carey
200 120 002 0  7

NEXT GAME: vs Newfoundland at 9:30am CST Thursday
(Tuesday Evening) Victory for Team Fleury-Carey, Shares Pool Lead with Quebec: Scotties Wild Card Team Fleury, skipped by Chelsea Carey, improved their record to 4-2 with a Tuesday evening win over Prince Edward Island's Suzanne Birt. The game turned on the seventh end when, tied 4-4, Carey made a double kill for three.  "We were in huge trouble that end," Carey said after the game. "We got a miss from Suzanne but we still weren't sure the double would go." It did!

At 4-2, Team Fleury Carey is well positioned to advance to the championship round although the pool is very close with six teams currentlysitting on two losses. "All we need to do is focus on us. If we win our games, we get through to the next round," Carey said.  The last two games for Team Fleury-Carey are against Saskatchewan (currently 3-2) and Newfoundland-Labrador (currently 2-3). Team Quebec, who lost Tuesday evening to Saskatchewan, shares the Pool B lead with Team Fleury-Carey at 4-2. With Saskatchewan at 3-2 are PEI (Birt), Manitoba (Jones), and BC (Brown).

Wild Card/Fleury-Carey
110 200 301 2  10
Prince Edward Island/Birt
001 021 020 0  6

NEXT GAME: vs Saskatchewan at 2:30pm CST Wednesday
(Tuesday Morning) Second Loss for Team Fleury-Carey: Wild Card Team Fleury-Carey lost a second consecutive game Tuesday morning, a 6-4 loss in an impressive performance by Corryn Brown and her BC team. A tough steal of three put the Manitoba team down 5-1 at the mid-game break but the Carey skipped team was able to fight back with deuces on the 6th and 8th ends. Down 5-4 at that point was a clsoe as they got, giving up a single on the 9th end and running out of stones coming home. The BC victory followed a similar victory Monday by a young Quebec team, showing the strength of the next generation of Canadian women curlers.

British Columbia/Brown
011 030 101 x  6
Wild Card/Fleury-Carey
100 002 020 x  4

NEXT GAME: vs Prince Edward Island at 7:30pm CST Tuesday
(Monday Afternoon) Team Fleury-Carey at 3-1 Shares Lead with PEI & Quebec: Team Fleury-Carey at 3-1 Shares Lead with PEI & Quebec: The Wild Card Fleury-Carey foursome lost their first game Monday afternoon following three victories and now shares the Pool lead with Quebec, who beat them this afternoon and with Prince Edward Island.

Shooting percentages show Team Fleury-Carey at 85% compared with Quebec's 72%. Kristin MacCuish. Liz Fyfe and Selena Kaatz all scored in the high 80's and low 90's but Carey herself was at 71% while Quebec's Laurie St-Georges was scored at 74%. As the linescore shows, QUebec was able to post three multiple point ends compared with only two for the Manitoba team.

Wild Card/Fleury-Carey
020 200 101 1  7
202 002 010 0  8

NEXT GAME: vs BC at 9:30am CST Tuesday

(Sunday Afternoon) Team Fleury-Carey First to 3-0 in Pool B: The Manitoba based Tracy Fleury Wild Card entry skipped by Chelsea Carey marked up their third win in three starts to lead in Pool B. They dominated New Brunswick in a 9-2, 8-end game. 

Teammates nearly 30 years after Vic Peters and Dan Carey won the Brier together, Liz Fyfe (Peters) and Chelsea Carey are delighted to have the chance to play together. "It's not something we tought of but it's a pretty cool connection and an opportunity that we might otherwise never have had."

As a former Manitoba champion, Carey was asked for her impressions of the young teams which are a part of the five Manitoba teams playing in the event. Carey said it has bounced back and forth between Manitoba and Alberta in recent years. "It is great testimony to the developmental program in Manitoba right now," Carey said.

Wild Card/Fleury-Carey
200 102 13x  9
New Brunswick/Adams
010 010 00x 2

NEXT GAME: vs BC at 9:30am Tuesday
(Saturday Evening) Four Stolen Ends, Five Stolen Points as Team Fleury-Carey Beats Jones: Four near perfect long guards by import skip Chelsea Carey, on ends 3 and 4, gave Wild Card Team Fleury steals of two and then three for a controlling lead Saturday evening over Jennifer Jones and Team Manitoba. With her first rock on the fifth end, Carey drew to the back of the button to set up another steal and a 5-1 lead at the mid-game break. Another steal on the 6th end and a three with hammer on the eighth ended the game. It was the second win on their opening day for Team Fleury-Carey.

After the game, with no reference to her own shots, Carey reminded reporters that they were in trouble early in the end but third Selena Njegivan had made two great shots and they got two uncharacteristic missed from Jennifer Jones. Team Jones was in trouble all night and posted a team shooting percentage of 65% compared with the WIld Card team's 82%. Carey herself was scored at 92% compared with Jones at 48%.

100 000 10x  2
Wild Card 1/Fleury-Carey
012 111 03x  9

NEXT GAME: vs New Brunswick at 2:30pm Sunday
(Saturday Morning) Game One Win as Carey Returns to Manitoba Roots: Chelsea Carey has had the opportunity to throw some rocks over the past week in preparation for her opportunity to skip Manitoba-based Team Fleury at this years Scotties. Their opening 6-3 win over Nunavut was their first chance to play together and an important learning experiecne in preparation for the Saturday evening game against Team Manitoba.

"I'm grateful to these girls for letting me have this opportunity," Carey said after the game. "I'm excited to play, as excited as I have been in a long time," she said of the opportunity to return to her Manitoba roots. 

Third Selena Njegovan said she thought it was "a pretty good first game". Although they had not played together, Njegvan said they had focussed a lot on communication during their zoom calls together in preparation.

001 010 100 x  3
Wild Card 1/Fleury-Carey
020 002 020 x  6

NEXT GAME: vs Manitoba, Saturday 7:30pm CST
(FRIDAY) Former Manitoba Champ Chelsea Carey joins Team Fleury:
Seeded #2, the Chelsea Carey skipped Team Fleury qualified for the 40th Scotties Tournament of Hearts as the first Wild Card team. Tracy Fleury will not be participating as she appropriately opted to stay home due to a family medical situation. Carey, the former Manitoba champion who won 2016 and 2019 Scotties title for Alberta, heads the team which includes Selena Njegovan, Liz Fyfe, Kristin MacCuish, 5th Clancy Grandy, and coach Sherry Middaugh; East St. Paul, Man.)

Their first game together will be on the Saturday morning draw against Nunavut. They'll need to come together quickly as a team as their second game, Saturday evening will be against Jennifer Jones and Team Manitoba.

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