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Team Einarson Loses to Homan, Both Finish 7-1

Thursday Feb 25 2021
by Resby Coutts, Photo: Curling Canada/Andrew Klaver

(Wednesday Afternoon) Team Canada & Kerri Einarson met Ontario's Rachel Homan Thursday afternoon in the National Scotties champioinship for the first time since they played a year ago in the final game of lastyear's championship. This game did not go Eianarson's way, as the Gimli foursome lost 7-4. Both teams were already set to adavnce to the next round of play but the win means Homan is ranked higher due to the win - a fact that may become relevant in tie-breaker scenarios. With both teams having 7-1 records, both have at least a one win advantage over the other teams which advance. Wild Card Beth Peterson's stolen win this afternoon gives the Winnipeg team a 5-3 record, tied with Alberta in Pool A. Pool B games on the late draw today will finalize the other four teams in the playoffs.

101 102 100 1  7
020 000 011 0  4

NEXT GAME: at 1:30pm CST Friday. Opponent yet to be determined.
(Wednesday Evening) Team Einarson 7-0, Homan 6-1: THEY MEET TOMORROW! Kerri Einarson and Team Canada have stayed undefeated with a Wednesday evening win over Team Alberta. Alberta's record is now 4-3 and tied with the Wild Card Beth Peterson team and Northwest Territories Kerry Galusha. Rachel Homan's Ontario team is at 6-1 after defeating Mackenzie Zacharias and her Wild Card team this evening. Einarson and Homan will advance to the championship round from Pool A - they'll play tomorrow with first place in the Pool on the line.  Alberta's opponent in their final game is winless Yukon so it is reasonable to think Alberta will improve to 5-2 and advance. Peterson plays Galusha Thursday afternoon with the winner being the fourth team to advance.

020 101  22x x  8
001 020 00x x  3

NEXT GAME: vs Ontario at 2:30pm CST
(Wednesday Morning) Team Einarson 6-0, Alone in First Place in Scotties Pool A: Ice conditions caught Team Canada's Kerri Einarson by surprise Wednesday morning and resulted in a pair of steals for Team Yukon to open the game. "The ice was different from yesterday, more curl," Einarson said after the game. "We got caught early resulting in those two steals." Acknowledging a little adversity can be a good thing, the reigning champions came back with a three on the third end and four more on the fifth to lead 7-5 enroute to an 11-7 victory. It was Team Canada's 6th victory and they know they will be playing in the championship round.  Rachel Homan's Team Ontario is at 5-1 after a loss to NWT/Kerry Galusha. Laura Walker's Alberta team did not play this morning and are 4-2 while Beth Peterson's Wild Card team from Winnipeg is 4-3 after a morning victory over Northern Ontario.

120 201 010 x  7
003 040 202 x  11

NEXT GAME: vs Alberta at 7:30pm CST Wednesday

(Tuesday Afternoon) Team Canada & Ontario Improve to 5-0: Kerri Einarson's Team Canada and Rachel Homan's Team Ontario continue to share the lead in Pool A at the national Scotties. Both won Tuesday afternoon games to improve to 5-0. Team Einarson posted an 8-3 victory over Nova Scotia while Homan was a 10-3 winner over Northern Ontario. One more win for theleaders will assure them of advancing to the championship round. They play each other in their final preliminary round game on Thursday.

Nova Scotia/Brothers
100 110 000 x 3
020 001 221 x 8

NEXT GAME: vs Yukon at 9:30am CST Wednesday
(Monday Evening) Team Canada First to 4-0, Tied With Ontario: Team Canada had the evening off Monday. Draw #9 concluded with Ontario's Rachel Homan improving to 4-0 with an 8-3 win over Nova Scotia. Each team has four games yet to play before the championship round. Prior to their game on Thursday afternoon,  Einarson's Team Canada plays Nova Scotia, Yukon and Alberta while Homan meets Northern Ontario, Northwest Territories and Mackenzie Zacharias' Wild Card team.

Kerri Einarson's Team Canada is the first team to post a 4-0 record at the bubble Scotties in Calgary. The Gimli team jumped out to a 4-1 lead when a pick caused NWT's Kerry Galusha to miss, leaving Einarson a shot for three on the third end. Einarson rolled away on a last shot on the 6th end' allowing Galusha to steal. The 4-3 Einarson lead was a close as the game would get. When Galusha rubbed a guard with her final tapback to lie three on the 9th end, Einarson  drew for a second point and the game ended with a Team Canada 8-4 win.

In the post-game media zoom event, Einarson talked about how much winning a year ago has boosted her confidence. "I feel so relaxed and confortable out there," she said. "We know every team wants to beat Tam Canada. Every team has played well against us and we know we have to play well to win."

Northwest Territories/Galusha
010 101 010 x  4

103 000 202 x  8

NEXT GAME: vs Nova Scotia at 2:30pm (CST) Tuesday
(Sunday Evening) Team Canada Improves to 3-0, Shares Lead with Homan: Kerri Einarson's Team Canada stayed perfect, marking up a 12-4 win over Northern Ontario for their third victory. With an Ontario win over Alberta, the Gimli team moves into a share of first place in Scotties Pool A. Although they have not yet played the tougher teams in the pool, Einarson said the early games have provided an opportunity to learn the ice. "Some spots on the ice have been challenging," sahe said after the evening game. "We're starting to get a handle on that."

"We've been having fun - really enjoying ourselves."

200 224 02x  12
Northern Ontario/Burns
011 000 20x  4

NEXT GAME: vs Northwest Territories at 9:30am Monday

(Sunday Morning) Team Canada Improves to 2-0 with Win Over Peterson: A big weight last rock double kill, the kind of shot Kerri Einarson has always loved to throw, gave Beth Peterson's Wild Card entry their second loss in three starts at the Scotties. Einarson's Team Canada improved to 2-0 after having yesterday's game postponed. The margin of difference was a deuce scored by the Gimli team on the fifth end.

Asked about the effect of yesterday's postponement on the team, Einarson said she was grateful they had an opportuhnity for a full practice yesterday, allowe because the postponement was no fault of their own. While the game will be made up Monday morning, meaning there will be a short turnaround from a game Sunday evening, they don't anticipate any sewrious negative effects as Team Canada originally had no games scheduled for Monday.

101 020 100 1  6
Wild Card/Peterson
010 101 010 0  4

NEXT GAME: vs Northern Ontario at 7:30pm Sunday
(Saturday Afternoon) Einarson Game Postponed Until Monday: Team Canada's second game of the Scotties, the Saturday afternoon match with Northwest Territories' Kerry Galusha was postponed and will be played Monday morning. A team NWT player had a case of food poisoning Saturday morning. Although this would not normally be cause for the game not being played, in this Covid-year there was the need for all of the required testing to ensure that it was not Covid.

NEXT GAME: vs Wild Card 3/Peterson at 9:30am (CST) Sunday

Friday Evening: Team Canada - Einarson Opens With Victory over Zacharias' Wild Card Foursome: Kerri Einarson's Team Canada opened their defense of the title they won a year ago with an eight-end victory over Mackenzie Zacharias and her Wild Card Manitoba team. The Einarson team's experience showed as they built up a a 5-2 lead at the mid-game break enroute to their 7-3 win.

110 301 10x  7
Wild Card/Zacharias
001 010 01x  3

NEXT GAME: Saturday 2:30PM (CST) vs Northwest Territories (Galusha)

(Friday) Team Canada - Einarson Opens Scotties vs Zacharias' World Junior Champs: A year later, Kerri Einarson and her Gimli team finally get to wear the Team Canada Jackets. Seeded #1 in this year's Scotties, Einarson is supported by Val Sweeting, Shannon Birchard, Briane Meilleur, with Krysten Karwacki as the fifth and former champion Heather Nedohin as their coach.

Einarson's Team Canada missed their opportunity to attend the Worlds a year ago when the event was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Top four seeds in the pool are Ontario (Rachel Homan), Alberta (Laura Walker with former Manitoba champion Kate Cameron at third), and Manitoba's #2 Wild Card team, reigning World Junior Champion, Mackenzie Zacharias team.

Team Canada opens Friday evening against Zacharias and her Wild Card #2 team.

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