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Thursday Oct 01 2020
by Resby Coutts

No - it is not quite a total re-launch of thecurler.com but who knows, maybe it is a start. The website has been in limbo for a few years and I admit I have missed having an outlet for my opinions and for my efforts to provide coverage for Manitoba curling and curlers. The blank spaces you see are advertising spaces that would bneed to be filled (any ads you do see are my way of recognizing three loyal advertisers who supported the earlier efforts of thecurler.com - the ads are at least five years old but I thnk stand the test of time)

For right now, my idea is to focus this gentle re-start on the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum - a project I am proud to have been a part of for quite a few years.

You'll see the announcement of the MCHoF&M's Manitoba 150 - Manitoba's Most Notable 150 Curling Teams - and of the MCHoF&M find-raiser project built around inviting your vote on who you think Manitoba's Most Notable Team is. The committee has identified a short-list of 25 teams for you to choose from as  well as a wild card opportunity if you want to name a different team. Click here to go to the MCHoF&M voting/donation pages at canadahelps.org

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