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PCs to pursue world curling centre of excellence

Tuesday Mar 29 2016
by PC Party Campaign News Release

(Editor's Note: For the first time in the memory of this writer, the sport of curling has been given the spotlight in an election campaign. Former Manitoba champion Brian Pallister made the announcement today at the Rossmere Curling Club that a PC Government will pursue development of a world curling centre of excellence. The full text of Pallister's news release follows.  GRC)

A new Progressive Conservative government will establish an international curling centre of excellence in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This will build on Manitoba’s reputation as the curling capital of the world, enhance our standing as a world leader in the roaring game, and promote the development of high-performance curlers, clubs, coaches and the sport itself in Manitoba.

“Manitoba has always been a leader in curling, in terms of the number of national and world champions it produces and in participation from grassroots to elite competition,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister, himself a former Manitoba mixed curling champion skip. “We will partner with the sport’s top coaches, trainers and organizations to create the centre of excellence. This will grow the game, attract curlers to Manitoba and help develop the highest-caliber players, coaches and ice makers.”

The centre of excellence will involve partnerships with Curl Manitoba, Curling Canada, the Canadian Sports Centre and the World Curling Federation, among other organizations. The PCs plan to have the program running within two years.

One of its specific goals will be to achieve excellence in Manitoba-trained competitors and coaches at all levels as well as the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“We want to strengthen Manitoba’s position as a world leader in high-performance curling, and make the sport even stronger and more vibrant – not only in this province, but across Canada and globally,” added Pallister. “This program will also grow Manitoba and develop the sport through the promotion and marketing of the roaring game, from its grassroots to its highest levels.”

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