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Altona, Swan Valley Win MHSAA Championships

Friday Feb 26 2016

The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association (MHSAA) curling championships are underway at Plumas and Gladstone. In the Friday evening A-Finals, Swan Valley (Carter Watkins, Dustin Tibble, Brady Harris, Tynan Metcalfe, Mason Kujanpaa) defeated Rivers (Justin Gerrard, Connor English, Beau Bridgeman, Brendan English) 8-2 and Altona's WC Miller team (Hayley Bergman, Olivia Bruneau, Anatasia Ginters, Aleksandra Ginters, Haley Chartrand) defeated Gladstone's William Morton Collegiate team (Allison Trimble, Hayley McCaskill, Lindsay Dayholos, Julia Son, Danielle Cadieux) 7-3.

The two A-finalist teams also advanced to the B-Final on both sides of the comeptitiion. On the girls side, once again the game was won by the team from Altona by an 8-3 score. The Swan Valley boys also won the second game, this time by a 4-2 score.

Pictured (courtesy of MHSAA website) are the Altona giirls with coaches Derek Wahl and Harold Sawatzky.

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