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Rivers Canola Junior Championships Makes Donation to Curling for life Endowment Fund

Monday Jan 11 2016

CurlManitoba Executive Director Craig Baker has extended the provincial curling association’s congratulations to the Rivers Curling Club and the Riverdale Community Centre on the successful staging of the first ever Manitoba Junior Curling Championships to be staged in an arena setting.

“The Canola Juniors is a competitive experience for curlers with aspirations to compete at the national and international levels but it is more than just competition,” Baker said. “It is also an opportunity to form friendships and memories which will last a lifetime.”

Baker said the request by the Rivers community to host the event in the Riverdale Community Centre Arena provided an exceptional competitive situation and learning experience for the curlers. It also created memories of, for most, their first opportunity to play in the excellent conditions which can be provided in an arena setting.

Baker also thanked the Rivers host committee for showing their long-term commitment to the future of the sport of curling through a significant contribution to the CurlManitoba Curling For Life Endowment Fund.

“We made an early commitment because we fully support the development objectives of the Endowment Fund,” said Les Wedderburn, Chair of the Host Committee. “We are pleased to provide a contribution of $1255.00 to the Fund so that our 2016 Canola Junior Championships event can have a lasting impact on the future of the sport in Manitoba.”

Interest from the Curling For Life Endowment Fund, which is managed for CurlManitoba by the Winnipeg Foundation, is used to support CurlManitoba’s scholarship program, development programs, and sport promotion initiatives.

Curling fans who are interested in supporting the CurlManitoba Curling for Life Endowment Fund through direct donations or through legacy or memorial gifts can do so at the Winnipeg Foundation website (

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