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Dunstone, Ackland Win Canola Juniors Final Games

Saturday Jan 09 2016
by CurlManitoba Release

Matt Dunstone and his Granite team of Colton Lott, Kyle Doering, Rob Gordon and Coach Calvin Edie have won the Manitoba Canola Growers provincial Junior Men’s Curling Championship and the right to represent Manitoba at the national Juniors in late January.

Dunstone completed an undefeated sweep through the championship held in the Rivers Curling Club and Riverdale Community Centre Arena with a 7-4 victory Sunday afternoon over clubmate Derek Oryniak.

It will be a return trip to the Canadian championship for  Dunstone who won the Canadian title in 2013. Second Kyle Doering returns for the second time, having won Manitoba in 2012 and third Colton Lott returns for the third time who was with Doering in 2012 and Dunstone in 2013.

Team Dunstone was 7-0 in the round-robin and won the Page 1-1 Playoff game 7-2 over JT Ryan-Assiniboine Memorial before winning the final 7-4 over Oryniak for a perfect 9-0 record.

In the Junior Women’s competition, Abby Ackland’s Fort Rouge team won the final with a 7-5 victory over previously undefeated Laura Burtnyk-Assiniboine Memorial.
Ackland, Robyn Njegovan, Melissa Gordon, Sara Oliver and Coach Jack Gordon were 5-2 in the round-robin, won the Page 2-2 Playoff game 8-7 over Kristy Watling-East St. Paul, the semi-final 7-5 over Mackenzie Zacharias and the final 7-5 over Burtnyk for a record of 8-2.

It is a return trip to the Canadian Championship for Ackland, who won in 2014 with Meaghan Brezden, and for Robyn Njegovan and Melissa Gordon who won the title a year ago with Beth Peterson.

SUNDAY AM: Dunstone, Burtnyk Win Canola Juniors Page 1-1 Playoff Games - Matt Dunstone, who won the Manitoba Canola Junior Men’s Championship in 2013, is a win away from accomplishing the repeat trip to the Canadian Juniors which has eluded for the past two seasons. Dunstone and his Granite team (Colton Lott, Kyle Doering, Rob Gordon) defeated JT Ryan-Assiniboine Memorial 7-2 Saturday evening in Rivers in the 1 vs 1 Page Playoff game. The Granite teams advances to the Sunday afternoon final.

Ryan will play the Sunday morning semi-final against Derek Oryniak-Granite who defeated last year’s champion, Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge, 8-6 Saturday evening in the 2 vs 2 Page Playoff game.

Dunstone was the top seeded team coming into the championship. Lott was with Dunstone on the 2013 champion team and also won a Manitoba Junior title with Doering in 2012. In each of the past two seasons, Dunstone has lost the provincial final to Calvert.

In the Junior Women’s, Laura Burtnyk-Assiniboine Memorial (Hailey Ryan, Jenny Grieg, Rebecca Cormier) was a 6-2 winner over Mackenzie Zacharias-Altona in the 1 vs 1 Page Playoff game.

Burtnyk will advance to the final game and awaits the winner of the semi-final between Zacharias and Abby Ackland-Fort Rouge, who was an 8-7 winner over top seed Kristy Watling-East St. Paul in the 2 vs 2 Page Playoff game.

Ackland’s team includes two members of the 2014 champion team, Robyn Njegovan and Melissa Gordon.

The Ryan-Oryniak and Zacharias-Ackland semi-finals are set for 9am Sunday morning. The final games will begin at 1pm in the Riverdale Community Centre Arena in Rivers.
SAT. 7:45PM: Canola Juniors Playoffs Underway in Rivers: Derek Oryniak-Granite defeated Devon Wiebe-Pembina and Kristy Watling-East St. Paul beat Rebecca Lamb-Stonewall in tiebreaker games at 4PM Saturday at the Canola Juniors in Rivers. The winners advance to the Page 2-2 playoff games.

Oryniak defeated  Wiebe 4-3 to earn the spot in the Page 2-2 game. Earlier, Oryniak scored a single point coming home to post a 5-4 win over Shayne Macgranachan-Brandon and earn the tiebreaker spot against Wiebe. The Wiebe team lost their final round-robin game 6-2 to Matt Dunstone to drop into the second place tie.

On the Junior Women’s side, Watling beat Lamb 8-5 to win the tiebreaker. Watling lost an extra end game 4-3 to Mackenzie Zacharias-Altona to finish in second place tied with the Lamb team, who won their final round robin game to earn the tiebreaker opportunity. Lamb defeated Brooke Friesen-Winkler 6-4 to earn the tiebreaker spot.

The other six playoff teams were all determined at the end of the round robin.

Dunstone finished the round robin undefeated to advance to the Page 1 vs 1 Playoff game underway against  also-undefeated JT Ryan-Assiniboine Memorial. Ryan defeated Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge 5-4 on the final draw to move the defending champion into second place in their pool. Calvert is playing Oryniak in the 2 vs 2 playoff game.

On the Junior Women’s side, Zacharias earned first place in their pool with the win over Watling and they are playing Laura Burtnyk-Assiniboine Memorial in the Page 1 vs 1 Playoff. Abby Ackland-Fort Rouge is playing Watling in the Junior Women's Page 2-2 game.

The 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 playoff games got underway at 7:45PM Saturday in the Riverdale Community Centre Arena in Rivers.  The semi-final draw takes place at 9AM Sunday with the provincial Canola Junior Finals at 1PM Sunday.

Canola Juniors Sportsmanship & Coaching Awards Announced:A Brandon couple has won the Asham Coaching Awards at the 2016 Canola Junior Championships in Rivers. The awards are presented annually to a coach in each of the Junior men’s and Junior Women’s Championships as selected by the other coaches at the competition. The award recognizes not only excellence in coaching but dedication to the sport and to their team’s success both on and off the ice.

Theresa Payette, Coach of the Chase Dussessoy Junior Men’s team, and Duane Payette, coach of his daughter Kaitlyn’s Junior Women’s team, received the awards Saturday morning in Rivers.

Recipients of the Susan Galbraith Junior Sportsmanship Award in the Junior Men’s Championship, selected by the other competitors in the event, was Matthew Stewart, skip of a team from the Thompson-Burntwood Curling Club. The award recognized the young skip’s spirit and attitude despite being the underdog in all of his games against older, more experienced teams.

The Junior Women’s Susan Galbraith Sportsmanship Award was shared this year by two young women who were honoured by their peers for the ability and the fair-play attitude they brought to every game. The 2016 co-recipients are Stacy Sime, skip of a Dauphin entry, and Hailey Ryan, third for the Burtnyk foursome from Assiniboine Memorial. The recipients are pictured with Head Umpire Dale McEwen.

Draw 11&12: One Tiebreaker Assured, Two Possible at Canola Juniors: A tiebreaker game is assured in one pool of the Canola Junior Women’s championship underway in Rivers and a tiebreaker game is a possibility in one pool of the Junior Men’s depending on the results of the final round robin games Saturday.

Reigning world junior champion Braden Calvert is assured of a playoff berth in the Manitoba Canola Junior Championship in Rivers. Wins on the 4:00pm draw Friday by Calvert, who defeated Hayden Forrester-Fort Rouge 10-7, and JT Ryan-Assiniboine Memorial, who defeated Brett Walter-Granite 8-7, mean the two have confirmed playoff berths. Both have perfect 6-0 records and will determine first place in the pool in their game at 8:30am Saturday. The winner earns a spot in the Page 1-1 playoff game while the loser will go to the 2-2 Page game. At 4-2, Walter cannot earn a playoff berth.

On the other side of the junior men’s draw, former Canadian junior champion Matt Dunstone and his Granite team improved their record to a perfect 6-0 with a late Friday 4-1 win over Derek Oryniak-Granite. Devon Wiebe’s Pembina team kept pace with Dunstone with a 7-4 win over Shayne Macgranachan-Brandon. Wiebe has a 5-1 record and plays Dunstone in the last round-robin game Saturday afternoon. The winner will earn first place in the pool. If Wiebe wins, he and Dunstone will advance to the playoff round but a Wiebe loss means he will fall into a tiebreaker game against the winner of the final draw match-up between MacGranachan and Oryniak who are both at 4-2.

Laura Burtnyk-Assiniboine Memorial and Abby-Ackland-Fort Rouge confirmed playoff berths with victories Friday evening. Burtnyk, who beat Shae Bevan-Elmwood 9-5, and Ackland, who beat Christine MacKay-Fort Rouge 7-5, will meet on Saturday morning’s 8:30am draw. Burtnyk’s 6-0 record and Ackland at 5-1means that the winner gets first place in the pool and a spot in the Page1-1 Playoff game. With records of 3-3, MacKay, Bevan, Kaitlyn Payette-Brandon and Randine Baker-St. Vital cannot capture a playoff berth.

On the other side of the junior women’s draw, four teams entered the late draw Friday with identical 4-1 records. The results set up a first place showdown Saturday afternoon as Mackenzie Zacharias-Altona won 4-1 over Brooke Friesen-Winkler and Kristy Watling-East St. Paul was a 10-6 winner over Rebecca Lamb-Stonewall.  Friesen will play Lamb on the same draw with the winner earning a tiebreaker berth against the loser of the Watling-Zacharias game.

The tiebreaker draw will be late Saturday afternoon. The Page Playoff 1-1 and 2-2 games will be played at 7:45pm Saturday.

Draws 9&10: Unbeaten List Shortens at Canola Juniors: The list of undefeated teams has been shortened to only four teams, three in the Canola Junior Men’s and one in the Canola Junior Women’s, after the first two Friday draws (10 draws in total) at the provincial junior championships in Rivers.

In the Junior Men’s, a 6-4 victory let Matt Dunstone-Granite stay unbeaten as he handed Shayne Macgranachan-Brandon a first loss on the 12:25 draw. In the same competition pool, Devon Wiebe-Pembina and his team kept playoff hopes alive as they beat Derek Oryniak-Granite 9-3. Wiebe and Oryniak are both tied with Macgranachan with 4-1 records.

Earlier in the day, Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge (10-6 over Brett Water-Granite) and JT Ryan-Assiniboine Memorial (7-6 over Hayden Forrester-Fort Rouge) both improved their records to 5-0. Walter is at 4-1 while Forrester is now 3-2.

In the Canola Junior Women’s, only one team remains undefeated. Laura Burtnyk-Assiniboine Memorial scored three coming home to beat Christine MacKay 7-6 on the early draw Friday to improve to 5-0.  Abby Ackland-Fort Rouge improved to 4-1 with a 7-5 win over Shae Bevan-Elmwood. Bevan, MacKay and Randine Baker, who beat Hanne Jensen-Dauphin 8-6, all have 3-2 records.

On the 12:15pm draw, Brooke Friesen-Winkler and Rebecca Lamb –Stonewall handed first losses to Kristy Watling-East St. Paul (6-4) and Mackenzie Zacharias-Altona (4-3) respectively. Friesen, Lamb, Watling, and Zacharias share first place in the group with 4-1 records and two games to play.

Draws 7&8: Competition Heats Up Friday at Canola Juniors: After playing their opening four games against the lesser ranked teams in their competition pools, the top ranked teams in the Canola Juniors begin the run to the playoff round with their Friday games in Rivers.

On the Junior Men’s side of the competition, top seeded Matt Dunstone-Granite and #2 Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge share the lead with four other teams with perfect 4-0 records.

 The reigning world junior champion, Calvert starts on the 8:30am draw against Brett Water-Granite who has a matching 4-0 record. Also at 4-0, Assiniboine Memorial’s JT Ryan plays Hayden Forrester-Fort Rouge, who loss earlier Thursday gives him a 3-1 record.

Dunstone puts his perfect record on the line at 12:15pm Friday against Brandon’s Shayne Macgranachan, who is also undefeated. On the same draw, 4-0 Derek  Oryniak-Granite plays Devon Wiebe-Pembina whose record is 3-1.

In the Junior Women’s Division, Randine Baker’s St. Vital team, upset the form chart Thursday winning a pair of games over the top seeded teams.

After beating #3 Christine MacKay-Fort Rouge early in the day, the Baker team went an extra end to defeat #2 seed Abby Ackland-Fort Rouge  8-7 on the late draw. At 2-2, Baker is very much in the playoff chase as she finishes off against the lesser-rated teams in her group.

Only three teams completed the first half with perfect records in the women’s competition. At 4-0 Laura Burtnyk-Assiniboine Memorial plays 3-1 MacKay on the early morning draw Friday while Ackland, 3-1 after the later loss Thursday, plays Shae Bevan-Elmwood, also 3-1.

On the 12:15 draw, unbeaten #1 seed Kristy Watling-East St. Paul plays 3-1 Brooke Friesen-Winkler and undefeated MacKenzie Zacharias-Altona plays 3-1 Rebecca Lamb-Stonewall. In this pool, Hannah Brown-Fort Rouge has a 2-2 record and also has a shot at the playoffs.

Canola Junior Championship play continues all day Friday in Rivers with the final round robin draws at 8:30am and 12:15pm Saturday – followed by playoffs which conclude Sunday afternoon.

Draws 5&6: Unbeaten Ranks Slowly Thinning at Canola Juniors: The ranks of the undefeated teams diminished slightly on the early draws Thursday at the Canola Juniors in Rivers. On both sides of the draw, the third seeded teams were upset in their third game to drop their records to 2 wins – 1 loss,

Christine MacKay’s Fort Rouge foursome lost their game on the noon draw (7-6 to Randine Baker-St. Vital), as did Shae Bevan-Elmwood (7-2 to Kaitlyn Payette-Brandon). The pair of losses leaves four teams with 3-0 records in the Junior Women’s Championship.

The 3-0 teams include top seeded Kristy Watling-East St. Paul, Abby Ackland-Fort Rouge, Laura Burtnyk-Assiniboine Memorial, and Mackenzie Zacharias-Altona.

On the Junior Men’s side of the draw at noon, Jordan Peters-Morris team authored the major upset of the event so far with an extra end 6-5 win over #3 seed Hayden Forrester-Fort Rouge. The loss by Forrester leaves six unbeaten teams in the Junior Men’s event.

The 3-0 teams include Matt Dunstone, Derek Oryniak, and Brett Walter, all of Granite; Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge, Shayne Macgranachan-Brandon, and JT Ryan-Assiniboine Memorial.

Play continues in Rivers with eight games at 4PM and eight more at 7:45PM.

Draws 3&4: Scotties & Viterra Bound Teams Lead the Way at Canola Juniors: The opening day of play has ended at the Canola Junior Curling Championships in Rivers with four teams who will later compete in the provincial men’s and women’s championships among the Day One leaders.

In the Junior Women’s competition, Christine MacKay-Fort Rouge and Mackenzie Zacharias-Altona were both double qualifiers who will be in Beausejour in at January for the Scotties Tournament of hearts presented by Monsanto.

MacKay and Zacharias both won a pair of games on opening day in Rivers. They are joined at 2-0 by Rebecca Lamb-Stonewall, Kristy Watling-East St.Paul, Abby Ackland-Fort Rouge, Laura Burtnyk-Assiniboine Memorial and Shea Bevan-Elmwood.

In the junior men’s competition, a pair of teams will also be competing at the Viterra Championship in Selkirk in February. Matt Dunstone-Granite and Hayden Forrester-Fort Rouge are among the Day One Junior Men’s leaders.

Joining them at 2-0 are regning world junior champion Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge, Derek Oryniak-Granite, Shane Macgranachan-Brandon, Brett Walter-Granite and JT Ryan-Assiniboine Memorial.

Play continues with four draws Thursday at the Rivers Curling Club and Riverdale Community Centre Arena. The event will conclude on Sunday with the champions qualifying for the national Junior Championships in Stratford, Ontario.

DRAWS 1&2: Victories for Top Seeds as Canola Juniors Begin Play in Rivers:The top five seeds in both the Junior Men’s and Junior Women’s sections of the Canola Junior Curling Championships won their opening games as play began today at the Rivers Curling Club and the Riverdale Community Centre Arena in Rivers.

On the Junior Men’s side, top seed and 2013 Canadian Champion Matt Dunstone, posted a short game victory over Dustin Pratschler-La Salle. Reigning World Junior champion and two time Canadian Junior Men’s Champion Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge was a 6-4 2winner over Thomas Dunlop-Stonewall

On the Junior Women’s side of the draw, the top two seeds both defeated Dauphin entries to get the championship underway. Top seed Kristy Watling-East St. Paul won 9-4 over Stacey Sime while second seed Abby Ackland-Fort Rouge was an 8-2 winner over Hanne Jensen.

Among the rest of the top five seeds in the Junior Women’s draw, Christine MacKay-Fort Rouge (8-4 over Kaitlyn Payette-Brandon), Rebecca Lamb-Stonewall (9-6 over Kahli Wedderburn-Rivers), and Laura Burtnyk- Assiniboine Memorial (8-3 over Randine Baker-St Vital) were also first game winners.

Among the rest of the top five seeds in the Junior Women’s draw, Hayden Forrester-Fort Rouge (8-2 over Chase Dussessoy-Brandon), Derek Oryniak-Granite ( 8-6 over Ryan Wiebe-St Vital), and JT Ryan-Assiniboine Memorial (7-2 Jordan Peters-Morris) also posted their first wins.

Other first round games:

(W) MacKenzie Zacharias-Altona 5-4 Hannah Brwon-Fort Rouge
(W) Brooke Friesen-Winkler 7-6 Kathryn Cullen-Beausejour
(W) Shea Bevan-Elmwood 10-6 Emma Jensen-Dauphin

(M) Carter Watkins-Swan River 8-5 Devon Wiebe-Pembina
(M) ShaYne Macgranachan-Brandon12-1 Matthew Stewart-Burntwood
(M) Brett Walter-Granite 8-2 Tyson Roeland-Springfield

Dunstone & Watling Named Top Seeds in Canola Junior Championships: CurlManitoba is hosting the Canola Junior Men's and Women's Provincial Championships at Riverdale Community Centre in Rivers January 6-10, 2016. The winner of the Canola Junior Provincials will represent Manitoba at the 2016 Canadian Juniors in Stratford, ON January 23-31, 2016. 

Top 5 Seeds Junior Men
1) Team Matt Dunstone-Granite
2) Team Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge
3) Team Hayden Forrester-Fort Rouge
4) Team Derek Oryniak-Granite
5) Team JT Ryan-Assiniboine Memorial

LINK HERE for the complete Junior Men Team List & Personnel

Top 5 Seeds Junior Women
1) Team Kristy Watling-East St. Paul
2) Team Abby Ackland-Fort Rouge
3) Team Christine MacKay-Fort Rouge
4) Team Rebecca Lamb-Stonewall
5)  Team Laura Burtnyk-Assiniboine Memorial

LINK HERE for the complete Junior Women Team List & Personnel

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