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Tuesday Dec 22 2015

CurlManitoba hosted the Viterra Regional Qualifiers December 18-20, 2015 at various Curling Clubs across Manitoba. Seventeen berths were awarded to the 2016 Viterra Championship which will be held at the Selkirk Recreation Complex February 10-14, 2016. Still to be identified are the Brandon Bonspiel berth winner and three entries from the Manitoba Open Bonspiel.

1) Steve Pauls - Clearwater CC and his team (Clare Reimer, Kevin Friesen and Dylan Reimer)
2) Lorne Hamblin - Morris CC and his team (Brian Peters, Jordan Peters and Graeme Bergman)
3) Randy Neufeld - LaSalle CC and his team (Dean Moxham, Devon Wiebe and Brett Moxham)

1) Murray Woodward - St. Adolphe CC and his team (James Kirkness, Devin Mcarthur and Chad Barkman)
2) Rylan Young - Springfield CC and his team (Scott Podolsky, Curtis Joyal and Phil Cook)

1) Kyle Foster - Arborg CC and his team (Andrew Wickman, Dale Lott and Tom Watt)
2) Justin Reynolds - Winnipeg Beach and his team (Tanner Lott, Wade Ford and Nick Weshnoweski)

1) Shaun Parsons - Burntwood CC and his team (Kevin Parsons, Bronston Jonasson and Jim Davidson)

1) Greg Todoruk - Dauphin CC and his team (Peter Prokopowich, Darcy Todoruk and Barett Procyshyn)
2) Ray Baker - Dauphin CC and his team (Wes Jonasson, Sheldon Oshanyk and Justin Reischek)

1) Terry McNamee - Brandon CC and his team (Brendan Taylor, Geordie Hargreaves and Travis Gouldie)
2) Kelly Marnoch - Carberry CC and his team (Bart Witherspoon, Brandon Jorgensen and Chris Cameron)
3) Steve Irwin - Brandon CC and his team (Travis Taylor, Cody Rabe and Travis Saban)

1) Doug Harrison - Granite CC and his team (Jamie Hay, Darryl Gunnlaugson and Lary Borus)
2) Hayden Forrester - Fort Rouge CC and his team (Brennan Sampson, Brett Macdonald, Cole Chandler and Coach Bill Macdonald
3) Trevor Loreth - Granite CC and his team (Brad Haight, Ryan Lowdon and Brett Cawson)
4) Tyler Drews - Fort Rouge CC and his team (Josh Drews, Daryl Evans and Jake Zelenewich)

Teams that have already qualified include:
Mike McEwen-Fort Rouge (CTRS 2014-2015)
Daley Peters-East St Paul ( CTRS 2015-2016)
David Bohn-Granite (CTRS 2015-2016)
Taylor McIntyre-Granite (Spring Berth Bonspiel)
William Lyburn-Granite (Berth Bonspiel)
Jared Kolomaya-Stonewall (Berth Bonspiel)
Scott Ramsay-Thistle (MCT)
Dennis Bohn-Assiniboine Memorial (MCT)
Alex Forrest-East St Paul (MCT)
Matt Dunstone-Granite (MCT)
Reid Carruthers-West St Paul (Returning Champion)

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