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Team David Bohn Wins Second 'Spiel in Two Starts

Sunday Oct 11 2015
by MCT Release

David Bohn and his Granite team (Justin Richter, Tyler Forrest, Bryce McEwen) posted a 5-3 win over Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge (Kyle Kurz, Connor McIntyre, Colin Kurz, Brendan Wilson) to win the Nott Autocorp Thanksgiving Charity Classic at Thistle. The week three championship matched the week one success of the new David Bohn foursome when they won the Mother Club Classic at Granite. Bohn and his team earned $2,000 and moved into third place on the MCT Men’s Rankings list for the season. Calvert cashed a $1250 cheque and moved to #7 on the MCT Rankings list.

Semifinalists Jared Kolomaya-Stonewall, who lost 6-3 to Bohn, and Taylor McIntyre-Granite, who lost 5-3 to Calvert, earned $825. McIntyre moved to the top of the MCT Rankings (up from #2) while Kolomaya improved to #4 (up from #5).

Quarterfinalists Eugene Desjarlais-Granite, Derek Oryniak-Granite, Scott Ramsay-Granite, and Steen Sigurdson all earned $400 cheques in the 2o team bonspiel. Ramsay moves to #7 on the rankings while Sigurdson and Oryniak share the 12th ranked position. Desjarlais’ team makes their first appearance on the season’s rankings list – at #19.

Accumulated rankings across the MCT season earn the teams an invitation to the championships of the Manitoba Curling Tour presented by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries.

The MCT Championships will be played December 11-13, 2015 in Dauphin. In addition to the valued sponsorship of Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, the Manitoba Curling Tour acknowledges the support of Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, Asham, and ReMax Professionals Gord & Kristi Green.


MCT MEN’S RANKING (October 13-Week 3)


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Home Club

Ranking Points*

$$$ Winnings**


Taylor McIntyre***





Daley Peters

East St Paul




David Bohn





Jared Kolomaya





Kelly Marnoch





Matt Dunstone





Braden Calvert

Deer Lodge




Scott Ramsay





Curtis McCannell

Pilot Mound




Rob Artkins



Dennis Bohn

Assiniboine Memorial



*     Ranking Points include January-March qualifying events
**   $$$ Winnings are for events beginning September, 2015
*** has a provincial championship berth

Bohn Wins Nott Autocorp Thanksgiving Charity Classic - David Bohn's Granite team has won their second bonspiel championship at Manitoba Curling Tour events this fall. In only in the third  MCT events of the season, and the second start for Team Bohn, the defeated Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge 5-3 after posting a 6-3 victory over Jared Kolomaya-Stonewall in the semifinal. Calvert had beaten Taylor McINtyre-Granite 5-3 to win their semifinal. Earlier, Bohn (Justin Richter, Tyler Forrest, Bryce McEwen) had also won the Mother Club Classic at Granite.            

Kolomaya-Bohn, McIntyre- Calvert Semis at Nott Autocorp Thanksgiving Charity Classic - David Bohn's Granite team has reached the semifinals in an attempt to win their second championship in the first three MCT events of the season. Winners of the Mother Club Classic, Bohn eliminated Scott Ramsay-Granite 5-0 Sunday morning in the Nott Autocorp Thanksgiving Charity Classic quarterfinals and meets Jared Kolomaya-Stonewall (5-4 Extra End over Derek Oryniak-Granite) in the semifinal. In the other semifinal, Taylor McIntyre-Granite (7-1 over Eugene Desjarlais-Granite) plays Braden Calvert -Deer Lodge in the semifinal after Calvert eliminated Steen Sigurdson (5-4).

Playoffs Set at Nott Autocorp Thanksgiving Charity Classic - David Bohn-Graite (8-3 over Daley Peters-East St Paul) and Taylor McIntyre-Granite (4-2 over Tyler Drews-Ft Rouge) are the final two playoff qualifiers in the Nott Autocorp Thanksgiving Charity Classic at Thistle. In the Sunday 10AM quarterfinals, Bohn will play Scott Ramsay-Granite and McIntyre will play Eugene Desjarlais. In the other two quarterfinals Jared Kolomaya-Stonewall will play Derek Oryniak-Granite and Steen Sigurdson will play Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge.

Last Qualifiers on the Ice at Nott Autocorp Thanksgiving Charity Classic - The winners of the first two MCT events of the fall season are facing off at Thistle Sunday evening in one of the final two playoff qualifier games in the Nott Autocorp Thanksgiving Charity Classic. David Bohn-Granite, winner of the Granite's Mother Club Fall Classic, is playing Daley Peters-East St Paul, winner of the Fort Rouge KKP Men's Classic. In the second C-Event Q-Game, Taylor McIntyre-Granite is playing Tyler Drews-Fort Rouge.

Jared Kolomaya-Stonewall (8-1 over Derek Oryniak-Granite), Scott Ramsay-Granite (7-1 over Ryan Lemoine-Granite), and Eugene Desjarlais (7-3 over Steen Sigurdson) qualified Saturday for the playoffs through the A-Event.

Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge (9-1 over Ryan Lemoine-Granite), Derek Oryniak-Granite (6-4 over Tyler Drews-Fort Rouge), and Steen Sigurdson (6-1 over Daley Peters-East St Paul) captured the B-Event playoff berths.

David Bohn-Granite vs Daley Peters-East St Paul) and Tyler Drews - Fort Rouge vs Taylor McIntyre-Granite

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