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Curling Safety Gear for Veteran and Novice Curlers

Tuesday Sep 29 2015
by Atkins Curling Release

As veteran curlers continue their involvement in the great sport of curling, and as new curlers enter the sport, Rob Atkins reminds them it is important to be aware that balance can be a concern and personal safety should be top-of-mind when they go on the ice for the new season.

Atkins, a curler himself and proprietor of Atkins Curling Supplies at 310-550 Century Street in Winnipeg, suggests seniors, masters and stick curlers look at a couple of new products in the curling marketplace.

Acacia, a brand name known in the soccer, baseball, football and broomball markets has made a move into the curling market with Atkins as a Winnipeg outlet. While their curling shoe has similarities and differences from other shoes on the market, brand new on the market is a curling shoe specifically intended for the stick-curler who uses a walk-out style of delivery. The broomball sole on the shoe is a unique entry in the curling market, one which stick curlers should consider if they are concerned about balance and stability.

The second product which Atkins points to as a positive addition for an older curler or a novice curler who may have concerns about slipping on the ice. The Goldline headwear product-line, with built in back-of-head protection, comes in five different styles (toque, headband, visor, po’boy hat, and baseball cap).

Goldline’s Head First protective curling head wear first appeared on the market a year ago. Atkins acknowledges uptake has been slow in Manitoba but suggests curlers might want to give this product line a look. The protective insert in the back of these various hats is barely noticeable. Those who have worn them testify that the look and feel on the head and the feeling of security provided by wearing the hat are all positives.

Atkins Curling Supplies offers a complete curling equipment and apparel service featuring all of the major product lines including Asham, BalancePlus, Olson, Acacia, Goldline, Hardline, and Performance Brush & More.

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