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Where do you find Curlers in the Summertime?

Monday Jun 15 2015

Your quick answer is probably - at the golf course or the ball park. For this pair of Manitoba junior champions, formerly competitors and now teammates, the answer is the ball park and interestingly I'm told they're both pretty good...officials.

Hank Lemoine, a pretty good curler but better known in earlier years as a baseball player and now an umpire (including occasional stints in Goldeyes games), tells me that earlier this summer he worked the KPAC (Kilcona-Peguis Athletic Conference) High School Baseball and his co-officials were Matt Dunstone and Kyle Doering. He was very complimentary of the quality of officiating the two young umpires had provided. Lemoine went on to tell me he is looking forward to working with Dunstone again later in the season when the two will be doing the Provincial Pee Wee Championship, July 31 and August 1 at St. James Optimist Park.

It is good to see young athletes of this elite calibre contributing to the sporting community!


The ball park will always be a good place to find curlers in the summer time. On Monday, a day when obviously the Goldeyes crowd stayed home to watch the Blackhawks, the first guy I ran into was Dean Moxham, part of Randy Neufeld's newly crowned Canadian Senior champion curling team - excited about the opportunity ahead when they travel to Sweden next April to chase a world championship.

I also had a chance to visit with Gary Smith, a Canadian Senior Champion with Gary Ross in 2001. That win, of course, was the year before the World Seniors was established so they didn't have the same chance to chase that world championship dream. Coincidentally, Smith later won a Manitoba Masters title with Ron Westcott who skipped Manitoba's first ever entry at the World Seniors when he subbed in for Carl German whose team won in 2002 and represented Canada in Bismarck. German, you might recall, was deemed too young under world curling rules of the time.

Other curling people at Shaw Park on this day - competitors Don Nelson and Linda Stewart, Steinbach organizer Wayne Pauls, coach Colin Grenkow, and former CCA Presidents Zivan Saper and Barry Greenberg. I'm told Greenberg was a pretty good player in an earlier time but I think his time had passed by the time I was his teammate at Granite about a decade ago.

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