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Looking Forward to the Curling Canada National Meeting

Sunday May 24 2015

I want to thank CurlManitoba for nominating me for a possible position on the Curling Canada Board of Governors. Equally, I want to say thank you to the Fort Rouge Curling Club for their support of the nomination. The election takes place at the National Curling Congress (NCC) in mid-June in Collingwood, ON. The NCC is the final two days of the week which begins with Curling Canada’s second annual national curling summit and includes the second annual Curling Canada Charity Golf Tournament and the induction of the Class of 2015 into the Curling Canada Hall of Fame during the Hall of Fame and Awards Gala.

I won't be able to take in the opening events of the week but will be there for the entire two-day national meeting of member association delegates from all 14 member associations across the country (10 provinces, 3 territories, and Northern Ontario) and the members of the Board of Governors.

With an election process in play, I have no idea what my plans for next curling season are - except of course to continue to play lead for Norm Magnusson in our two leagues at Fort Rouge. If I am not elected, there's no change for the future. If I am elected, I will allow time to tell me what the implications are on my past activity here at and my other curling reporting activities.

If you're interested, copies of the nominations documents are located at the links below.

CurlManitoba Letter of Nomination
Fort Rouge CC Letter of Endorsement
GR Coutts Letter of Acceptance
GR Coutts Curling Resume 







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