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Marquette Duo Wins Canadian Stick Curling Championship

Thursday Apr 02 2015

Jim Rouse and Ross MacMillan from Marquette are the 2015 Canadian Srick Curling Champions. The Marquette duo defeated Jim Pyper and Peter Rey of St Vital 4-3 in an extra end Sunday at Assiniboine Memorial to claim the title. The champions were C-Event qualifiers for the championship round with a 5 wins-2 losses record in the preliminary round. Their three win championship playoff run included a 4-2 semifinal victory over defending Canadian Champions Tim Smith and John Campbell from Armstrong, BC.

Smith and Campbell won the Bronze Medal Game 3-1 over Tom & Rae Campbell, St Vital.

To reach the playoffs, Piper & Rey and Smith & Campbell were the two A-Event qualifiers, winning five games to reach the payoff round unbeaten.

Canadian Stick Curling Championship 'Spiel Underway - Among the curling events on tap this weekend is the 8th edition of the Canadian Stick Curling Championship, to be held from today (Thursday April 2nd) through Sunday (April 5th) at Winnipeg's Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club.  Headed by the defending champions John Campbell and Tim Smith of Armstrong, British Columbia, a field of 44 two-person teams will compete in a triple knockout format, starting with the first draw at 3:00 PM Thursday, and continuing Friday to Sunday, with the gold and bronze medal finals on Sunday at 3:00 PM.  The teams are male, female, and mixed.

The Manitoba contingent will be led by provincial stick champions Chris Sobkowicz and Ernie Oliver of the Assiniboine Memorial host club.

Pictured: Charlie McCullough-Carman and Bob Gould-Winnipeg prepare for play on the Canadian Stick Championship's opening draw.

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