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Canada Wins Bronze at Ford Worlds in Halifax

Saturday Mar 28 2015

Photo: Curling Canada/Michael Burns

After losing the World CHampionship semifinal 6-3 to Sweden, Canada's Pat Simmons team bounced back to win the Bronze medal game Sunday morning. Having lost the bronze game a year ago in Beijing, Team Canada wanted no part of the same result and gave Finland little opportunity in an 8-4 Canadian win. Canada's loss to Sweden on Saturday was a 6-3 loss in which Sweden scored deuces on the 3rd and 5th end to take a three point lead. The hitting ability of the Swede's was too much for Canada to overcome. Sweden (the 2013 World Champions) plays defending champion Norway as Thomas Ulsrud's team attempts to become the first Europeans to win back-to-back World titles.

FRIDAY: Extra End Norway Win over Canada at Ford Worlds in Halifax - An extra end 7-6 loss to Norway has dropped Team Canada into the World Championship's Saturday evening semi-final match. Pat Simmons and his team will play the winner of the Sweden-Finland Page 3-4 Playoff. Finland advanced by winning a tiebreaker game 6-5 over USA.

THURSDAY: Canada & Norway Finish Round Robin 10-1 at Ford Worlds in Halifax - Canada and Norway both concluded round robin play with two wins on Thursday. Canada won 6-5 over Finland and 7-6 over Italy while Norway beat Japan 10-8 and Switzerland 6-4. The two teams adavance to the Page 1-2 Playoff game with Norway in first and Canada second after Norway's round robin win between the two. Sweden finsihed third at 8-3. Finland split their two games on the final day to finish at 6-5 and USA won two to create a tiebreaker. Switzerland lost a pair to drop out of the playoff chase.

The Norway-Canada 1-2 Game takes place Friday evening at 7:30 (5:30pm Manitoba time)

10 1 Norway (Ulsrud) - Canada (Simmons)
8 3 Sweden (Edin)
6 5 Finland (Kauste) - United States (Shuster)
5 6 Japan (Morozumi)  - Switzerland (Pfister)
4 7  Czech Republic (Snitil) - China (Zang)
3 8  Scotland (MacDonald) - Italy (Retornaz) 
2 9 Russia (Arkhipov)

Wins for Canada & Norway; 7-1 at Ford Worlds in Halifax - With two games to play on Thursday, Canada and Morway have wrapped up their spots in the Page 1-2 Playoff game. Results Thursday when Canada plays Italy and Finland while Norway plays Japan & Switzerland, will determine which team is #1 and which is #2. If both win both games, Norway's win earlier in the week over Canada will give them first spot in the standings. Sweden has moved into third place at 6-3 with Switzerland and Finland at 5-4. At 4-5, USA and Japan could also make it into playoffs, or at least tiebreakers, if they win a pair of games and Switzerland and Finland each lose at least one.

8 1 Norway (Ulsrud) - Canada (Simmons)
6 3 Sweden (Edin)
5 4 Switzerland (Pfister) - Finland (Kauste)
4 5 Japan (Morozumi) - United States (Shuster)
3 6 Czech Republic (Snitil) - China (Zang) - Scotland (MacDonald) - Italy (Retornaz) 
2 7 Russia (Arkhipov)

Wins for Canada & Norway; 7-1 at Ford Worlds in Halifax - Wins by Canada (8-4 over Switzerland) and Norway (9-2 over Italy) have moved the leaders two wins ahead of third place Switzerland. Sweden improved to 5-2 with an 11-6 win over USA. Canad has three games remaining - against Scotland (2-5), Finland (3-4) and Italy (2-6)  while Norway has yet to play Czech Republic (3-4), Japan (4-3) and Switzerland (5-3).            

7 1 Norway (Ulsrud) - Canada (Simmons)
5 3 Switzerland (Pfister) - Sweden (Edin)
4 3 Japan (Morozumi) 
3 4 Czech Republic (Snitil) - Finland (Kauste)
3 5 United States (Shuster) - China (Zang)
2 5  Scotland (MacDonald) 
2 6 Italy (Retornaz)  - Russia (Arkhipov)

Team Canada Loses to Norway; 6-1 at Ford Worlds in Halifax - Team Canada tasted defeat for the first time at the Ford Worlds Tuesday evening when Norway posted a 9-3 win to move into a foirst place tie with Canada. Both teams end play Tuesday with a 6 win - 1 loss record. Switzerland had a chance to join the first place tie but lost 8-2 to Sweden. Switzerland sits alone in third place at 5-2 while Sweden's win moved them into a fourth place tie with Japan at 4-3. On the early draw wednesday, Canada plays Switzerland. They get the afternoon off and play Scotland on the late draw. Scotland won its first two games of the event on Tuesday.

6 1 Norway (Ulsrud) - Canada (Simmons)
5 2 Switzerland (Pfister) 
4 3 Japan (Morozumi) - Sweden (Edin)
3 4 Czech Republic (Snitil) - Finland (Kauste) - United States (Shuster)
2 5 Italy (Retornaz)  - China (Zang) - Scotland (MacDonald) - Russia (Arkhipov)

Team Canada Still Undefeated; 6-0 at Ford Worlds in Halifax - Pat Simmons and Team Canada defeated Japan 7-4 Tuesday afternoon to improve their perfect record to 6-0 at the Ford Worlds in Halifax.  Canada plays Norway on the late draw Tuesday in a game which will determine first place at this stage of the event. Both Norway  and Switzerland defeated Finland 8-7 in their first games of the day to improve to 5-1. Scotland finally got in the win column with a pair of wins Tuesday.

6 0 Canada (Simmons)
5 1 Norway (Ulsrud) - Switzerland (Pfister) 
4 3 Japan (Morozumi) 
3 3 Sweden (Edin)
3 4 Czech Republic (Snitil) - Finland (Kauste)
2 4 Italy (Retornaz) - United States (Shuster) - China (Zang)
2 5 Scotland (MacDonald)
1 5 Russia (Arkhipov)

Team Canada Still Undefeated; 5-0 at Ford Worlds in Halifax - Outscoring their opponents 20-5, Team Canada won a pair of games Monday to improve their event-leading record to 5-0 at the Ford World Men's Championship in Halifax. On the morning draw, Pat Simmons and his team beat Czech Republic 11-2 and then bested Russia 9-3 on the evening draw. Norway and Switzerland also both won two games Monday to improve their records to 4-1. Finland's two victories moved them up into a 3-way tie for fourth place, tied with Czech Republic and Japan who both split their two games Monday.

5 0 Canada (Simmons)
4 1 Norway (Ulsrud) - Switzerland (Pfister) 
3 2 Czech Republic (Snitil) - Japan (Morozumi)  -  Finland (Kauste)
2 3 Italy (Retornaz) - United States (Shuster) - Sweden (Edin)
1 4 Russia (Arkhipov) - China (Zang)
0 5 Scotland (MacDonald)

Team Canada Defeats Sweden; 3-0 at Ford Worlds in Halifax - Team Canada is the only undefeated team in the Ford World Men's Championship in Halifax as day two of the competition ends. Pat Simmons and his team beat Sweden (9-6) and previooously unbeaten Italy lost 6-2 to China. On the Sunday evening draw, Norway needed an extra end to beat Russia (7-6) ans Switzerland also improved to 2-1 with a 9-3 win over USA.

3 0 Canada (Simmons)
2 1 Czech Republic (Snitil) - Japan (Morozumi)  - Italy (Retornaz) - Norway (Ulsrud) - Switzerland (Pfister) 
1 2 Sweden (Edin) - Russia (Arkhipov) - United States (Shuster) - Finland (Kauste) - China (Zang)
0 3 Scotland (MacDonald)

Team Canada Wins Second; 2-0 at Ford Worlds in Halifax - Canada's Pat Simmons team posted a 7-4 victory over China, Sunday afternoon at the Ford Worlds in Halifax. It was Canada's second victory as they look forward to an evening game against Sweden, whose record is 1-1 after an early 11-5 loss Sunday to Italy. Italy shares the lead with Canada with 2-0 records. Scotland was beaten by Finland, who scored on an extra end for a 10-7 win. It was Scotland's third loss in three starts - consecutively to Italy, Japan, and Finland. Japan and Czech Republic have both won two games in their first three games to share third place in ther standings.

2 0 Canada (Simmons) - Italy (Retornaz)
2 1 Czech Republic (Snitil) - Japan (Morozumi)
1 1 Switzerland (Pfister)  - Sweden (Edin) - Norway (Ulsrud) - Russia (Arkhipov) - United States (Shuster)
0 2 Finland (Kauste) - China (Zang)
0 3 Scotland (MacDonald)

Team Canada Opens with Extra End Win at Ford Worlds in Halifax - Canada's Pat Simmons team needed an extra end and an out-turn draw to the four foot (which covered the button) to win their opener at the Ford Worlds in Halifax. The final score was 11-10 in the win over USA (John Shuster). It was Canada's only win of the day which saw Japan open with a pair of wins, over Russia and Scotland. Scotland's Ewan MacDonald lost a pair on opening day - to Italy and Japan. Sweden's Niklas Edin and Norway's Thomas Ulsrud, the last two world champions, both won their single games on opening day.

2 0 Japan (Morozumi)
1 0 Switzerland (Pfister) 
1 0 Italy (Retornaz)
1 0 Sweden (Edin)
1 0 Canada (Simmons)
1 0 Norway (Ulsrud)
1 1 Czech Republic (Snitil)
0 1 Russia (Arkhipov)
0 1 China (Zang)
0 1 United States (Shuster)
0 2 Scotland (MacDonald)
0  2 Finland (Kauste)

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