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(FINAL) Travelers Regional Qualifiers This Weekend

Friday Mar 13 2015

Some berths have already been awarded, the rest will be finalized across Manitoba today as the field is finalized for the Provincial Travelers Club Championship. In Clearwater, Darryl Chewings-Pilot Mound won three games, including a 9-3 win over Tom Stone-Clearwater in the A-Final, to win the first of two central regional men's berths. Stone defeated Alberta Klassen-Winkler on Sunday morning for the B-Side berth. Jackie Rintoul-Portage, won a pair including an 8-2 A-Final over Brenda Quigley-Clearwater, to win the first women's berth. Kayla Froese-Winkler defeated Quigley in the B-Final for the second berth.

At the Westman regional qualifier event in Glenboro, Kyle Csversko-Neepawa defeated Neil Bugg-Boissevain 7-1  Sunday morning for the A-Side men's berth. Bugg dropped to the B-Side where his Boissevain team defeated Tyler Waterhouse-Carberry for the second berth. On the women's side of the Westman draw, former champion Stacey Fordyce-Brandon (pictured( defeated Darla Hanke-Neepawa at 2pm Sunday for the A-Side berth. Hanke defeated Pam Robins-Carberry for the B-Side berth.

In WInnipeg at the Fort Rouge, Jackie Dewar Rossmere and Marlene Lang-St Vital won the two A-Side berths. Deb McCreanor-Charleswood and Kara McLean-Thistle were B-Side winners Sunday morning. The final berth went to Tara Sidor-Assiniboine Memorial who defeated former Canadian Champion Meghan Armit-Elmwoodm in the berth gae. On the men's side, Dan Bender-St Vital defeated Rick Drabyk-Fort Garry for the A-Side berth. The Drabyk dropped to the B-Side and lost again to Tyler Drews-Fort Rouge who picked up the second men's berth. In the third berth game, Weibe-Wildewood played Don Henry-Thistle.

Eastman: Russ Kihn-Steinbach (Mike Felepchuk, Real Tetrault, Dave Blatz)
Central: Darryl Chewings-Pilot Mound (Travis Saban, Anthony Friesen, Matt Edwards)
Central: Tom Stone-Clearwater (Clarence Reimer, Dylan Reimer, Nick Stone)
Winnipeg: Dan Bender-St Vital (Bobby Robidoux, Kevin Mark, Ryan Schwab)
Winnipeg: Tyler Drews- Fort Rouge (Josh Drews, Daryl Evans, Jake Zelenewich)
Winnipeg: Peter Wiebe -Wildewood (Neil Martin, Jamie Campbell, David Wiebe)
Westman: Kyle Csversko-Neepawa (Ken Urquhart, Cody Jakubowski, Blair Steen)
Westman: Neil Bugg- Boissevain (Mike Garden, Andrew Rempthorne, Mike Cuvelier)
Interlake: Allan Croy-Petersfield (Tyler Croy, Calvin Croy, Aaron Goertzen)
Norman: Jared Schumann-Gillam (Chad Kabecz, Ryan Swidnicki, Dwayne Forman)
Parkland: Kyle Forsyth-Dauphin (Roy Forsyth, Trevor MacMillan, Gerald Thiele)

Interlake: Natasha Van Dorp-Petersfield (Kaitlin Pawluk, Jade Nutbean, Carrie Bannister)
Eastman: Chelsea Manaigre-Steinbach (Tara Rance, Michelle Colburn, Jordyn Perrin)
Westman: Stacey Fordyce-Brandon (Amber Dawson-Martens, Stacey Irwin, Pam Gouldie)
Westman: Darla Hanke -Neepawa (Michelle Johanson, Chris Pedersen, Andrea Smith)
Central: Jackie Rintoul-Portage (Tammy Davey, Betty Weir, Dawn Moxham)
Central: Kayla Froese-Winkler (Holly Derksen, Beth Derksen, Lexie Friesen)
Winnipeg: Jackie Dewar-Rossmere (Amanda Tycholis, Kari Kammerlock, Kristie Moroz)
Winnipeg: Marlene Lang-St Vital (Pamela Kok, Jackie Hendrickson, Lori Campbell)
Winnipeg: Deb McCreanor-Charleswood (Marnie Omichinski, Michelle Buchanan, Jianne Davies)
Winnipeg: Kara McLean-Thistle (Quinn Jones, Heather Carson, Cathy Gingera)
Winnipeg: Tara Sidor -Assiniboine Memorial (Tracey Slobogian, Heidi Birchard, Nancy Martin)

Travelers Regional Qualifiers This Weekend - CurlManitoba is hosting the Travelers Regional Qualifiers March 13-15, 2015 at Various Curling Clubs across Manitoba. 11 berths will be awarded for the 2015 Travelers Provincial Championship which will take place at Carman April 3-5, 2015.

Draws can be found on on the Bonspiel Planner.

WOMEN Travelers Regional Qualifier Locations and Berth Allocation:
Westman (Glenboro) – 4 entries for 2 berths
Central (Clearwater) – 4 entries for 2 berths
Winnipeg (Fort Rouge) – 10 entries for 5 berths
** Interlake and Eastman each had only one entry. They have been given automatic entries to the Provincial Championship
** As Host of the Provincial Championship, Carman Curling Club has been awarded a berth into the provincial event.

MEN Travelers Regional Qualifier Locations and Berth Allocation:
Westman (Glenboro) – 9 entries for 2 berths
Central (Clearwater) – 6 entries for 2 berths
Interlake (Petersfield) – 2 entries for 1 berth
Winnipeg (Fort Rouge) – 14 entries for 3 berths
** Norman, Parkland, and Eastman each had one entry. They have been given automatic entries to the Provincial Championship
** As Host of the Provincial Championship, Carman Curling Club has been awarded a berth into the provincial event.

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