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Forrester & Zacharias Teams Win U-18 Championships

Friday Mar 06 2015

Hayden Forrester and his Winnipeg team (Andrew Clapham, Brett MacDonald, Cole Chandler, Coach Bill MacDonald) have won CurlManitoba's U-18 Men's Championship and MacKenzie Zacharias-Central (Hayley Bergman, Emily Zacharias, Payton Bergman, Coach Sheldon Zacharias)  has won CurlManitoba's U-18 Women's Championship with final game victories in Melita. The two teams will have the opportunity to represent Manitoba in the Optimist International U-18 Championship in Edmonton in April.

In the finals, Forrester defeated the Central Region team of Jordan Peters(Zachary Wasylik, Liam Tod, Graeme Bergman, Coach Kevin Wasylik) 6-5 while Zacharias defeated Shae Bevan-Winnipeg (Jordyn McIntyre,Rachel Morris, Jessie Robertson, Coach Albert Bazinet) 8-2.

in the Bronze Medal Games, Stacy Sime-Parkland defeated Julia Maida-Winnipeg 6-3 and Thomas Dunlop-Interlake defeated Braden Magura-Eastman 5-4 on an extra end. 

Finals Set in U-18 Men's Championship  in Melita - Shae Bevan-Winnipeg (Jordyn McIntyre,Rachel Morris, Jessie Robertson, Coach Albert Bazinet) has won a tiebreaker (9-4 over Randine Baker-Winnipeg) and an extra end semifinal (6-5 over Julia Maida-Winnipeg) to advance to the Sunday afternoon final of the CurlManitoba U-18 Women's Championship in Melita. Bevan's opposition will be provided by MacKenzie Zacharias-Central (Hayley Bergman, Emily Zacharias, Payton Bergman, Coach Sheldon Zacharias) who defeated Stacy Sime-Parkland 5-2 in the semifinal.

In the U-18 Men's final, Hayden Forrester-WInnipeg (Andrew Clapham, Brett MacDonald, Cole Chandler, Coach Bill MacDonald) will play Jordan Peters-Central (Zachary Wasylik, Liam Tod, Graeme Bergman, Coach Kevin Wasylik). Forrester defeated Thomas Dunlop-Interlake 7-4 and Peters beat Braden Magura-Eastman 7-4 in the semifinals.

Maida plays Sime and Dunlop plays Magura in the Bronze Medal Games.

Saturday Late: Finals Set in U-18 Men's Championship  in Melita - Wins by Randine Baker-Winnipeg (8-5 over Keesha Blenkinsopp) and Shea Bevan-WInnipeg (8-6 over Stacy Sime-Parkland) have created a three way tie for first place in their pool and a tiebreaker for second place on Sunday morning in the U-18 Women's Championship in Melita. Sime is awarded first place thanks to topping the pre-event skill-ranking. Baker and Bevan will playoff for second place. Sime, with first place in the pool, will play Mackenzie Zacharias-Central who is second place in the other pool after losing to Julia Maida-WInnipeg (5-3). Maida, in first place, awaits the winner of the tiebreaker game. In the other game in that pool, Kaitlyn Payette-Westman defeated Hanne Jensen-Parkland (9-2) to finish with a 2-1 record.

 U-18 Women Standings after Draw 3:
3-0 Julia Maida-Winnipeg

2-1 MacKenzie Zacharias-Central
1-2 Kaitlyn Payette-Westman
0-3 Hanne Jensen-Parkland

2-1 Randine Baker-Winnipeg
2-1 Stacy Sime-Parkland
2-1 Shae Bevan-Winnipeg
0-3 Keesha Blenkinsopp-Eastman

Saturday PM Draw: Playoffs Set in U-18 Men's Championship  in Melita - Thomas Dunlop-Interlake (3-2 over Braden Magura-Eastman) and Jordan Peters-Central (8-1 over Hayden Forrester-Winnipeg) finished in first place in the two pools of the U-18 Championship in Melita. In Magura and Forrester both finished the round robin in secobnd place. In the Sunday playoffs, Dumlop plays Forrester and Peters meets Magura with the winners facing off in the final game.  In the other two games, completing the round robin, Jacques Gauthier-WInnipeg (6-4 over Carter Watkins-Parkland) and Myles Hicks-Norman (6-1 over Chase Dussesoy-Westman) finished with 1-2 records.

U-18 Men Standings after Draw 3:
POOL 1: 3-0 Thomas Dunlop-Interlake
POOL 1: 2-1 Braden Magura-Eastman
POOL 1: 1-2 Jacques Gauthier-Winnipeg
POOL 1: 0-3 Carter Watkins-Parkland

POOL 2:32-0 Jordan Peters-Central 
POOL 2: 2-1Hayden Forrester-Winnipeg
POOL 2: 1-2 Myles Hicks-Norman
POOL 2: 0-3 Chase Dussesoy-Westman

Saturday Noon Draw: Three Teams at 2-0 in U-18 Women's Championship  in Melita - MacKenzie Zacharias-Central (7-5 over Hanne Jensen-Parkland) and Julia Maida-Winnipeg (5-2 over Kaitlyn Payette-Westman) improved their records to 2-0 to lead their pool in the CurlManitoba Under - 18 Women's Championship in Melita. Jensen and Payette are at 0-2 so the Zacharias-Maida game on the evening draw will determine first and second place in the group for the Sunday playoff round.                           

In the other pool, Stacy Sime-Parkland (9-2 over Keesha Blenkinsopp-Eastman) also improved to 2-0 and is assured of advanced to Sunday play. Her round robin ranking will be determined on the evening draw when the Eastman team plays Shae Bevan-Winnipeg. Bevan and Randine Baker-Winnipeg are both at 1-1 after Baker beat Bevan 6-4 on the noon draw.

 U-18 Women Standings after Draw 2:
2-0 MacKenzie Zacharias-Central
2-0 Julia Maida-Winnipeg
0-2 Kaitlyn Payette-Westman
0-2 Hanne Jensen-Parkland

2-0 Stacy Sime-Parkland
1-1 Shae Bevan-Winnipeg
1-1 Randine Baker-Winnipeg
0-2 Keesha Blenkinsopp-Eastman

Saturday AM: Four Teams at 2-0 in U-18 Men's Championship  in Melita - Hayden Forrester-Winnipeg (6-3 over Chase Dussesoy-Westman) and Jordan Peters-Central (5-4 over Myles Hicks-Norman) have moved Forrester and Peters into the top two positions in their pool at the CurlManitoba Under - 18 Men's Championship in Melita. Hicks and Dussesoy have 0-2 records. Forrester and Peters will play on the later afternoon draw - with the winner earning the pool's first place playoff position and a game against the #2 team from the other pool.

In that second pool, the draw situation is identical. Braden Magura-Eastman (6-4 over Carter Watkins-Parkland) and Thomas Dunlop-Interlake  (8-5 over Jacques Gauthier-Winnipeg) both posted their second wins on Saturday morning. Gauthier and Watkins both have two losses so the Dunlop-Magura game Saturday afternoon will be for the first and second place playoff positions.

U-18 Men Standings after Draw 2:
POOL 1: 2-0 Thomas Dunlop-Interlake
POOL 1: 2-0 Braden Magura-Eastman
POOL 1: 0-2 Carter Watkins-Parkland
POOL 1: 0-2 Jacques Gauthier-Winnipeg

POOL 2: 2-0 Jordan Peters-Central 
POOL 2: 2-0 Hayden Forrester-Winnipeg
POOL 2: 0-2 Chase Dussesoy-Westman
POOL 2: 0-2 Myles Hicks-Norman

Friday: U-18 Championships Underway in Melita - The Melita Curling Club is host this weekend to CurlManitoba's Under - 18 Championships. With the Mixed Doubles wrapping up Friday afternooon, the U-18 Men's event was next on the ice. Thomas Dunlop-Interlake (7-1 over Carter Watkins-Parkland), Jordan Peters-Central (4-3 over Chase Dussesoy-Westman), Hayden Forrester-Winnipeg (10-5 over Myles Hicks-Norman), and Braden Magura-Eastman (5-3 over Jacques Gauthier-Winnipeg) were the first game winners. (pictured: the Magura team,throwing red, meets with Coach Keith McLeod at a critical point in the 8th end)

U-18 Men Standings after Draw 1:
1-0 Thomas Dunlop-Interlake
1-0 Jordan Peters-Central 
1-0 Hayden Forrester-Winnipeg
1-0 Braden Magura-Eastman
0-1 Carter Watkins-Parkland
0-1 Chase Dussesoy-Westman
0-1 Myles Hicks-Norman
0-1 Jacques Gauthier-Winnipeg

On the U-18 Women's first draw MacKenzie Zacharias-Central (8-3 over Kaitlyn Payette-Westman), Julia Maida-Winnipeg (6-5 over Hanne Jensen-Parkland), Stacy Sime-Parkland (8-4 over Randine Baker-Winnipeg), and Shae Bevan-Winnipeg (8-3 over Keesha Blenkinsopp-Eastman) were the winners.

 U-18 Women Standings after Draw 1:
1-0 MacKenzie Zacharias-Central
1-0 Julia Maida-Winnipeg
1-0 Stacy Sime-Parkland
1-0 Shae Bevan-Winnipeg
0-1 Kaitlyn Payette-Westman
0-1 Randine Baker-Winnipeg
0-1 Hanne Jensen-Parkland
0-1 Keesha Blenkinsopp-Eastman


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