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Manitoba 4-4 at the Briier

Tuesday Mar 03 2015

A split of games on Wednesday, an 8-3 win over BC following a 7-4 loss to Quebec and a split on Tuesday, a 7-2 loss to Northern Ontario following an 11-3 win over Territories, has given Manitoba's Reid Carruthers team a 4 wins-4 losses record at the Time Hortons Brier in Calgary.

After the Wednesday evening draw, the standings are:
9-0 Northern Ontario (Jacobs)
7-2 Newfoundland and Labrador (Gushue)
6-3 Team Canada (Morris)
6-3 Québec (Ménard)
5-3 Saskatchewan (Laycock)
4-4 Manitoba (Carruthers)
4-4 Alberta (K.Koe)
3-5 British Columbia (Cotter)
2-6 Prince Edward Island (Casey)
2-6 Ontario (Kean)
6-6 New Brunswick (Mallais)
0-8 Northwest Territories (J.Koe)

Tuesday Early: Three in A Row Gives Team Carruthers a 3-2 Brier Record - An 11-3 win Tuesday morning has improved Manitoba`s record to 3-2 at the Tim Horton Brier in Calgary. Team Carruthers' third consecuive win was an 11-3 victory over Jamie Koe-Northwest Territories. The victory moved Manitoba into a 4-way tie for third place in the round robin.

After the Tuesday Morning draw, the standings are:
5-0 Northern Ontario (Jacobs)
4-1 Saskatchewan (Laycock)
3-2 Newfoundland and Labrador (Gushue)
3-2 Alberta (K.Koe)
3-2 Manitoba (Carruthers)
3-2 British Columbia (Cotter)
2-3 Prince Edward Island (Casey)
2-3 Ontario (Kean)
2-3 Team Canada (Morris)
2-3 Québec (Ménard)
1-34New Brunswick (Mallais)
0-5 Northwest Territories (J.Koe)

Monday Late: Team Carruthers Improves to 2-2 With Win Over Gushue - Manitoba`s Reid Carruthers team has bounced back from a pair of opening day losses to even their record at 2-2 at the Tim Hortons Brier in Calgary. Saturday`s losses (6-4 to Team Canada and 7-4 to Saskatchewan) have been followed by a 9-4 win over New Brunswick on Sunday and by an 8-5 win over Brad Gushue`s Newfoundland-Labrador team on Monday.

The Tuesday schedule for Manitoba has Team Carruthers playing Jamie Koe-Territories on the morning draw and Olympic Gold Medallist Brad Jacobs-Northern Ontario on the evening draw.

After the Monday evening draw, the standings are:
5-0 Northern Ontario (Jacobs)
3-1 Saskatchewan (Laycock)
3-2 Newfoundland and Labrador (Gushue)
2-2 Prince Edward Island (Casey)
2-2 Alberta (K.Koe)
2-2 Manitoba (Carruthers)
2-2 British Columbia (Cotter)
2-2 Ontario (Kean)
2-3 Team Canada (Morris)
2-3 Québec (Ménard)
1-3 New Brunswick (Mallais)
0-4 Northwest Territories (J.Koe)

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