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Junior and Mixed Provincial Berth Winners

Monday Feb 16 2015

Kristy Watling-East St Paul (Jenna Boisvert, Kendra Derbowka, Ashley Groff and Coach Jim Watling) and JT Ryan-Assiniboine Memorial (Jaques Gauthier, Graham McFarlane and Hugh McFarlane) won the CurlManitoba Junior Berth Bonspiels on the weekend and have earned the first berths into the 2016 Canola Junior Championships.

Watling defeated Rebecca Lamb (7-2) while Ryan beat Hayden Forrester-Heather (4-3) in the berth final games.

In the three scheduled Chicken Chef Mixed Berth Bonspiels on the weekend eight berths for the provincial Mixed Championship in Gimli March 27-29 were awarded. Members of two different teams earned the opportunity to compete for a second Maniitoba championship in the 2015 season.

In the Norman berth 'speil, Manitoba Mixed Doubles Trials winners Ray Baker and Lisa Menard teamed up with Justin Reischek and Jennifer Rolles to earn a provincial mixed berth for the Dauphin Curling Club.

At Rossmere, in the Winnipeg berth spiel, Braeden Moskowy and Derek Samagalski teamed up with Shannon Birchard and Nicole Sigvaldason to win a Mixed berth. As Safeway Championship winners, Noskowy and Samagalski teamed with Reid Carruthers and Colin Hodgson to earn West St. Pauk its first ever Manitoba curling title.

Other Winnipeg 'spiel berth winners included:
Joelle Brown (Kevin Brown, Sydney Arnal and Stan Pierre) Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club
Bob Sigurdson (Erika Sigurdson, Al Purdy and Lindsay Baldock) - Granite Curling Club
Taylor McIntyre (Kristen Ambrozik, Connor McIntyre and Melissa Gordon) - Granite Curling Club

Westman Berth Results
Jeff Stewart (Terry Ursel, Ron Kulbacki and Darla Hanke) - Gladstone Curling Club
Jerry Chudley (Tina Kozak, Brent McKee and Kendell Kohinski) - Neepawa Curling Club
Don Chatham (Deb Collyer, Cody Chatham and Dana Woodcock) - Killarney Curling Club
Mark Anderson (Ashley Ewasiuk, Brent Ewasiuk and Heather Ewasiuk) - Riverview Curling Club
Bill Thiessen (Cathy Thiessen, Kendal Maxwell and Gail Maxwell) - Clearwater Curling Club

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