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Team Westcott Wins Event; Team Loreth Wins Bonspiel Championship

Monday Jan 19 2015

A steal in the seventh and another in the eighth end gave Ron Westcott-Fort Rouge (Howard Restall, Bob Bpughey, Don Shiach) a 5-4 victory Monday evening over Bob Burkett-Heather in the final of the Manitoba Open Bonspiel's event final. Burkett had won the event a year ago.

The shot of the game, perhaps the shot of the bonspiel, was Westcott's last rock coming home. Lying one biting the back left quarter of the button and with a guard covering the outside of that rock, Westcott had a choice between a second guard  or a freeze to the rock on the button. An exceptionally well thrown stone was well swept by Shiach and Boughey, and called well by Restall. It came to rest frozen perfectly to the shot rock, leaving Burkett a near impossible double kill. (Or perhaps Westcott was playing the guard and just overthrew it - who can be sure!!) Burkett made good contact and the frozen stone rolled to the side of the four foot circle but stayed for shot rock as the Burkett rock rolled away.

Details of all of the bonspiel final games follow:

TEAM LORETH Wins Asham Event & Manitoba Open Championship
Heather and West Kildonan Curling Clubs hosted the 13 event final games Monday evening. Former Manitoba Champion Mark Lukowich-Granite met Trevor Loreth-Granite for the Asham Event title and the bonspiel championship. Loreth scored a 5-4 victory to win the 127th annual MCA/Manitoba Open bonspiel title.

As Loreth was already qualified for the Safeway Championship, Team Lukowich had already earned a Safeway berth before the final game got underway.

In the NOTT AUTOCORP final at Heather, Daniel Birchard-Pembina played Jason Gunnlaugson-Granite. Gunnlaugson won the game 7-4. The Gunnlaugson foursome is the Dunstone Junior team which has already qualified for the Safeway Championship. Gunnlaugson is skipping in place of Dunstone who will be going to the World University Championship with a different team.

In the WINNIPEG FREE PRESS final at Heather, Dunstone's University team played Ron Gauthier-Heather. Gauthier defeated Dunstone 7-3 in seven ends.  This is the Dunstone team which is going to be in Spain for the University event.

Across the 13 events (26 teams), there were teams 14 Manitoba curling clubs competing along with the Dunstone team representing the University of Manitoba. Fort Rouge led the way with four teams in event finals.

St Vital, Heather, and Granite had three teams in event finals while Pembina and Steinbach each had two teams last to the final game.

Charleswood, West Kildonan, Fort Garry, Deer Lodge, Thistle, West St. Paul, Gladstone, and Pinawa were each represented in the finals by one team.

In the other event finals at Heather, the results were:
BITUMINEX PAVING: Don Henry-Thistle defeated Geoff Trimble-Gladstone 5-4
LAFARGE CONSTRUCTION: Ken Stevens-St Vital defeated Don MacDonell-Fort Rouge 5-3
MANITOBA HYDRO: Dean Zammit-St. Vital  defeated Derek Samagalski-West St. Paul 7-0
MANIITOBA PORK COUNCIL: Ken Ringaert-Fort Rouge defeated John Norget-Pembina 5-4
ATKINS CURLING SUPPLIES: Richard Muntain-Pinawa defeated Ken Chekosky-Fort Rouge 8-2

In the event finals at West Kildonan, the results were:
MONSANTO CANADA: Scott Peterson-Deer Lodge defeated Todd Vandal-St.Vital 8-7
THECURLER.COM: Ron Westcott-Fort Rouge defeated Bob Burkett-Heather 5-4
NATIONAL LEASING: Rick Drabyk-Fort Garry 5-3 Glenn McLachlan-West Kildonan
LAZER GRANT C.A.: Brian Miller-Heather defeated Wilf Peters-Steinbach 5-4
METRIC MARKETING: Chris Jefferson-Charleswood defeated Norm Schellenberg-Steinbach 8-5

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