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JONES TEAM Top Seed for Scotties; THURSTON #2

Tuesday Jan 13 2015

Earlier this week, I projected the Scotties seeding based upon the CTRS and the MCT rankings......and it turns out, from the announcement made ths morning, that the CTRS ranking is almost exactly the way the teams have ranked thefield for the championship. No matter what system you use, Jennifer Jones and her team were always going to be the top seed since they have such golden credentials over the past year, including their current status as #1 on the CTRS. The next four are also the top four Manitoba teams on the Canadian Team Ranking System. Jill Thurston (#2), Kristy McDonald (#3), Barb Spencer (#4) and Michelle Montford (#5) are the next four Manitoba teams and are ranked that way inthe seeding.

Seeds #6 & #7, former champion Janet Harvey and last year's finalist Kerri Einarson, also held those positions on the CTRS Ranking at the end of December but Einarson passed Harvey as a result of her finalist showing at the recent Granite Ladies Cash Spiel and currently sits ahead of Harvey.

The first real discrepancy between the seeds and the CTRS comes in seeds #8 & #9 - Darcy Robertson is seeeded #8 and Colleen Kilgallen is #9. Colleen Kilgallen is currently #8 among Manitoba teams on the CTRS and Robertson is #9. They held those same positions on the CTRS at the end of December.

From #10 to #13, the seeding has Joelle Brown (10), Kaileigh Strath (11), Stacey Fordyce(12), and Terry Ursel(13) and the CTRS would have put them Brown-Ursel-Strath-Fordyce.

From #14 to #16, TIna Kozak (14), Tiffany McLean (15), and Kelly Wiwcharuk (16) are unranked, indicating that they have not played any competitive events this season aside from the regional playoffs and/or that they have simply not registered their teams for CTRS poinst accumulation. Either way, they are probably positioned appropriately in the draw.

The Scotties Tournament of Hearts presented by Monsanto takes place January 21-25 at the Winkler Arena.  Once again, CurlManitoba will partner with Sportsnet. On-air personalities will be Rob Faulds with Joan McCusker.
The broadcast schedule will be as follows:
January 24 – Saturday – 6:00pm local (7:00pm ET)  Sportsnet East, Ontario, West, Pacific
January 25– Sunday –  11:30am local (12:30pm ET) Sportsnet One – Semifinal
January 25 – Sunday – 4:00pm local (5:00pm ET) Sportsnet One – Final



PROJECTING THE 2015 MANITOBA SCOTTIES SEEDING - The draws seeds for the 2015 Manitoba Scotties Tournament of Hearts presented by Monsanto will be announced tomorrow at a CurlManitoba news conference. As I have, in recent years, been a proponent of using the established rankings of the CTRS or Manitoba Curling Tour OR perhaps a combination of the two – I decided to review the two parallel sets of rankings. Over the past year, the CTRS rankings have expanded to include smaller bonspiels and the results in the Scotties qualifying so they are closer to being the same than they have been in the past.

However, for purposes of this exercise I decided to publish the way the seeds would be announced using only the two rankings. I did make one arbitrary change. As Jennifer Jones and her Olympic gold medallists are obviously the number one seed and in the absence of the defending champion who often gets the #1 seed, I have arbitrarily set Team Jones as the number one seed. The team does hold that ranking on the CTRS but because of their schedule played a minimal Manitoba schedule.

With that one change, here is what the seeding tomorrow would look like IF it were done strictly on the basis of the Manitoba Curling Tour Ranking for this season.
#1 - Jennifer Jones
#2 – Barb Spencer
#3 – Michelle Montford
#4 – Kristy McDonald
#5 – Janet Harvey
#6 - Colleen Kilgallen
#7 - Darcy Robertson
#8 - Kerri Einarson
#9 – Joelle Brown
#10 – Jill Thurston
#11 – Terry Ursel
#12 – Stacey Fordyce
#13 – Kaileigh Strath
#14 – Tina Kozak
unranked – Kelly Wiwcharuk
Unranked – Tiffany McLean

AND here is what the seeding tomorrow would look like IF it were done strictly on the basis of the CTRS Ranking at the end of 2014.
#1 - Jennifer Jones
#2 – Jill Thurston 
#3 – Kristy McDonald 
#4 – Barb Spencer
#5 – Michelle Montford 
#6 - Janet Harvey
#7 - Kerri Einarson
#8 - Colleen Kilgallen
#9 – Darcy Robertson
#10 – Joelle Brown
#11 – Terry Ursel
#12 – Kaileigh Strath
#13 – Stacey Fordyce
unranked – Tina Kozak
unranked – Kelly Wiwcharuk
Unranked – Tiffany McLean

As with all such exercises, it will be interesting tomorrow to compare the two lists above with the seeding as it has been done by the teams.

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