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Fair Play Prizes Awarded at CurlManitoba's Tim Hortons Youth 'Spiel

Monday Dec 29 2014

The Tim Hortons Youth Winter Bonspiel promotes social interaction and fair play while encouraging all athletes to play to the best of their ability and to make an effort to experience success during the game. Throughout the event, teams ranked one another in fair play points for each game that they played. This awards is given to two teams in each category.

The Fair Play Awards have been earned by the following teams:

16 & Under Category
Team Perron-Pembina Curling Club consists of Skip Amber Perron, Third Ally Henderson, Second Maegan Howard, Caitlin Kostna, and Fifth Jonathon Kostna.
Team Wiebe-Winkler Curling Club consists of Skip Logan Wiebe, Third Jaxson Wallace, Second Adam Unrau, and Lead Jordan Klassen.

13 & Under Category
Team Beaudry-St Vital Curling Club consists of Skip Lauren Beaudry, Third Rebecca Friesen, Second Genevieve St.Laurent, and Lead Justine Pratschler.
Team Neuert-St Vital Curling Club consists of Skip Jaedon Neuert, Third Mackenzie Ramsey, Second Ryan Zapotochny, and Lead Aaron Macdonell

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