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Luck of the Manitoba Open Draw Gives you Brazil or San Francisco

Friday Dec 19 2014

Luck of the draw has always been a reason for checking the draw of the Manitoba Open Bonspiel (formerly MCA Bonspiel), the world’s longest running and still world’s largest annual curling participation event. Did we get drawn against a ‘name’ looking for a Safeway provincial championship berth? Do we have a chance to beat that team we’ve played every year? Is one of the visiting teams our first opponent?

To answer the first question, Manitoba entries already show a list of teams looking for their Safeway championship entry, and that list will no doubt lengthen on Monday, Dec 22 after regional playoffs are concluded across the province.

And to answer the third question, how would you like to take on the Brazilian National Curling Team in their first game at the 127 year old bonspiel? Or a team from the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club?

Brazil’s National Men’s Curling Team is currently finalizing some details with intentions of entering the Manitoba Open Bonspiel. The opportunity to play several games in a short time, on a range of ice conditions, is very attractive to the team which is using the Manitoba Open as a part of their preparation for a challenge series against the United States. On the line in that challenge, which takes place in late January in Blaine, Minnesota, is the United States’ spot in the Ford Worlds in Halifax in April, 2015.

The team from the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club actually comprises representation from the San Francisco club and from Lake Tahoe Epic Curling. This is one of the teams which has accepted CurlManitoba ‘Open’ invitation as the team includes three men and a lady.

The opportunity to compete against these two teams is a unique one for participants in the Manitoba Open Bonspiel, and might be considered one of the ‘prizes’ available to all teams along with all members of all teams having a chance to win a trip for two to Las Vegas or participate in a Draw to the Button for a Nott Autocorp $50,000 luxury vehicle.

The Manitoba Open Bonspiel is open to the first 256 teams of any gender or age and the HalfSpiel welcomes the first 64 teams. The countdown reminder on indicates that approximately 100 entry spaces are left in the Manitoba Open. Entry space is also still available in the HalfSpiel.

Go to for complete details or to enter the January 15-19 event.

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