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FINAL UPDATE: Stoughton Wins Return Trip to Safeway Championship, Regional Playoffs Completed

Thursday Dec 18 2014

Jeff Stoughton and his Charleswood team (Rob Fowler, Alex Forrest, Connor Njegovan) rode a pair of exceptional late-end Stoughton shots to victory over Trevor Loreth-Granite in a Winnipeg A-Side berth game Sunday afternoon. Trailing by 3 with last rock on the ninth end, Loreth built an end with rocks buried behind wide corner guards. While Stoughton had shot rock in the four foot, those wide counters suggested the possibility of a big end. Loreth, throwing third stones as always, drew his last stone behind a counter and after some deliberation Stoughton threw a big-weight runback double kill to end the momentum that was building. The Loreth foursome posted a deuce to trail by one coming home. Another well played end suggested Loreth had a possible steal building because he had a rock perfectly frozen to a Stoughton shot-rock on the buttoon. Stoughton, with his first rock, drew around a Loreth short guard to touch the centre line and complicate the planned last rock runback attempt. The defending champion skip did not have to throw his final rock in posting an 8-6 win. Loreth and his team re-grouped from the loss to post a B-Side victory over Rob Atkins-Pembina and join Stoughton in Branodn.

William Kuran and his Granite team (Taylor McIntyre, Riley Smith and Jared Hancox) defeated Kyle Foster-Fort Rouge (6-3) to win the second A-Side berth. The other two B-Sdie berths were won by Kyle Foster-Fort Rouge and junior champion Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge.

In Westman Region, Kelly Robertson (Doug Armour, Peter Prokopowhich and Bob Scales) from the Neepawa Curling Club and Murray Warren (Brian Barker, Terry Warren and Reg Warren) from the Deloraine Curling Club won A-Side berths. Robertson defeated Chris Wytinck-Glenboro (10-5) and Warren defeated Perry Fisher-Wawanesa (9-5). On the B-Side of the draw, Fisher (6-5 over Cory Zdan-Virden) and Kelly Marnoch-Carberry (8-2 over Wytinck) won the Safeway Championship berths. 

Curtis McCannell-Pilot Mound won the third berth in Morden; Glen Toews-Dauphin won the second berth in Dauphin; Andy Stewart-Stonewall won the second berth in Interlake; Grant Brown-Burntwood and Richard Muntain-Pinawa won the single Norman and Eastman berths available.

Personnell of all teams which won regional berths this weekend:
NORMAN: Grant Brown-Burntwood (Jonathan Sawatzky, Tuffy Seguin and Mike Mcgurk)
PARKLAND: Roger Parker-Dauphin (Jason Yates, Ian Ferley and Rob Fisher)
PARKLAND: Glenn Toews-Dauphin (Bryan Preston, Dwayne Moffat and Steve Procyshyn)
INTERLAKE: Evan Martin-East St Paul (Travis Bale, Ian Fordyce, Nigel Milnes and Scott Madams)
INTERLAKE: Andy Stewart-Stonewall (Andrew Hunt, Myles MacMillan and Trevor Blue)
EASTMAN: Richard Muntain-Pinawa (Mike McCaughan, Curtis Atkins and Rodney Legault)
CENTRAL: Ryan Hyde-Portage (Kyle Einarson, Farrol Asham and Kenny Keeler)
CENTRAL: Steve Pauls-Manitou (Clare Reimer, Kevin Friesen, Tim Bridges and Rob Reimer)
CENTRAL: Curtis McCannell-Pilot Mound (Bill Thiessen, Rob Vandeynze and Jason Morrow)
WESTMAN: Kelly Robertson-Neepawa (Doug Armour, Peter Prokopowhich and Bob Scales)
WESTMAN: Murray Warren-Deloraine (Brian Barker, Terry Warren and Reg Warren)
WESTMAN: Kelly Marnoch-Carberry (Bart Witherspoon, Branden Jorgensen and Chris Cameron)
WESTMAN:  Perry Fisher-Wawanesa (Kevin Cullen, Brett Mcgregor and Sean Martin)
WINNIPEG: Jeff Stoughton-Charleswood (Rob Fowler, Alex Forrest and Connor Njegovan)
WINNIPEG: William Kuran-Granite (Taylor Mcintyre, Riley Smith and Jared Hancox)
WINNIPEG: Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge (Kyle Kurz, Lucas Van Den Bosch and Brendan Wilson)
WINNIPEG: Trevor Loreth-Granite (Brad Haight, Ryan Lowdon and Brett Cawson)
WINNIPEG: Kyle Foster-Fort Rouge (Andrew Wickman, Ryan Hylatky, Chad Barkman and Don Nelson)

Saturday: Four Safeway Berths Awarded Saturday, 14 More Today - In a rare meeting between reigning Manitoba champions, 2014 Safeway Champion Jeff Stoughton and his new team played current Manitoba Junior Champion Braden Calvert Saturday in a Safeway Regional playoff game. Stoughton had to earn a berth in this year's Safeway Championship through regionals as a result of the split up of last year's champion squad. Calvert is aiming for a repeat Junior Championship and has been made the #1 seed in the December 26-31 Canola Juniors at Assiniboine Memorial. Stoughton won the game 10-8 to advance to a berth game at 12:30 pm Sunday against Trevor Loreth-Granite on Stoughton's home club ice at Charleswood. A second berth game at 12:30 features WIlliam Kuran-Heather against Kyle Foster-Fort Rouge. Three more Winnipeg regional berths will be awarded on the 8pm draw.

Across the province, four provincial berths have already been awarded as a result of Saturday play. Evan Martin-East St Paul (7-4 over Justin Richter-Riverton), Ryan Hyde-Portage (9-3 over Curtis McCannell-Pilot Mound), Steve Pauls-Manitou (7-6 over Ryan Thomson-Morden), and Roger Parker-Dauphin (12-6 over Rae Kujanpaa-Dauphin) all avoided Sunday play in regionals with A-Side victorires.

In addition to the five in WInnipeg, nine more entries in the Safeway Championship in Brandon, February 4-8, will be awarded by end of play Sunday.

NORMAN: (1 berth) A-Side winner Travis Graham-Burntwood (5-3 over Sam Antila-Burntwood) plays B-Side winner Grant Brown-Burntwood at 10AM in Thompson

PARKLAND: (2 berths) Parker won the first berth. A-Side final loser Kujanpaa plays Glen Toews-Daphin in the B-final at 10AM in Dauphin with the second berth on the line.

WESTMAN: (4 berths) In berth games at 10AM in Melita, Kelly Robertson-Neepawa plays Chris Wytinck-Glenboro and Perry Fisher-Wawanesa plays Kelly Marnoch-Carberry. Losers drop to B-side berth games later in the day.

CENTRAL: (3 berths) Hyde & Pauls won the A-Side berths. A-Side losers have dropped to B-Side semifinals at 1PM withthe B-Side berth game set for 5PM in Morden

EASTMAN: (1 berth)  Richard Muntain-Pinawa (7-3 over Wayne Ewasko-Lorette) won the A-Side and will play a 4PM game in Springfield against the winner between Ewasko and Murray Woodward-St Adolphe.

INTERLAKE: (2 berths)  Martin won the A-Side berth. A-Side losers Richter will play a B-Side berth game at 3PM in Selkirk against the winner of a game between Andy Stewart-Stonewall and Derek Dowsett-Stonewall.

Safeway Championship Regionals This Weekend: Jeff Stoughton and his Charleswood team head the list of 74 teams who will compete this weekend at regional playoffs as 18 berths will be awarded for the 2015 Safeway Championship which will take place at the Keystone Centre February 4-8, 2015. Draws can be found on on the Bonspiel Planner. The competitions will be taking place at regional host sites across the province.

Norman: Hosted by Burntwood CC, Thompson – 1 berth, 4 teams
Parkland: Hosted by Dauphin CC – 2 berths, 8 teams
Westman: Hosted by Melita CC – 4 berths, 15 teams
Central: Hosted by Morden CC – 3 berths, 12 teams
Eastman: Hosted by Springfield CC – 1 berth, 5 teams
Interlake: Hosted by Selkirk CC – 2 berths, 7 teams
Winnipeg: Hosted by Charleswood CC – 5 berths, 23 teams

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