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Sunday Dec 07 2014

CurlManitoba hosted the Canola Junior Regionals December 5-7, 2014 at Various Curling Clubs across Manitoba. 10 berths for Junior Women were awarded for the 2015 Canola Junior Championships which will take place at the Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club December 26-31,2014. Six teams have already earned berths into the Canola Junior Women's Championship: Kristy Watling-East St Paul (Spring Berth), Beth Peterson-Fort Rouge (Spring Berth), Shannon Birchard-St Vital (Fall Berth), Sara Oliver-West Kildonan (Fall Berth), Rachel Burtnyk-Assiniboine Memorial (Berth), Jennifer Klapp-Fort Rouge (Berth)

Junior Women Regional Berth Winners:
Central: Brooke Friesen and her team (Katelyn Derksen, Kelsey Sagert, Holly Friesen and Coach Ross Derksen) from the Winkler Curling Club 
Interlake: Randine Baker and her team (Emily Germann, Paige Beaudry, Rebacca Tomchak and Coach Guy Beaudry) from the Petersfield Curling Club 
Parkland: Emma Jensen and her team (Jaycee Terrick, Kaitlyn Szewczyk, Claire Gingera, Kylie Talbot and Coach Alan Jensen) from the Dauphin Curling Club
Parkland: Stacey Sime and her team (Lane Prokopowich, Rebecca Sahulka, Savanna Mansell and Coach Dawn Stiener) from the Dauphin Curling Club
Parkland: Hanne Jensen and her team (Lauryn Kuzyk, Sara Kohan, Reneed Desroches and Coach Gord Wood) from the Dauphin Curling Club 
Westman: Kaitlyn Payette and her team (Hayley Surovy, Shae Arnold, Camille Lough and Coach Duane Payette) from the Brandon Curling Club 
Winnipeg: Christine Mackay and her team (Brooklyn Meiklejohn, Cameo Argan, Stephanie Schweits and Coach Gord Mackay) from the Fort Rouge Curling Club
Winnipeg: Ashley Groff and her team (Hailey Ryan, Jenny Greig, Shae Bevan and Coach Jason Gunnlaugson) from the Elmwood Curling Club

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