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Sunday Dec 07 2014

CurlManitoba hosted the Canola Junior Regionals December 5-7, 2014 at Various Curling Clubs across Manitoba. 10 berths for Junior Men were awarded for the 2015 Canola Junior Championships which will take place at the Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club December 26-31,2014. Already qualified for the Canola Junior Men's are Matt Dunstone-West Kildonan (Spring Berth), Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge (Spring Berth), Cole Peters-Granite (Fall Berth), Hayden Forrester-Heather (Fall Berth), Jordan Smith-Granite (Berth), and Colin Kurz-Granite (Berth).

Junior Men Berth Winners:
Central: Sean Davidson and his team (Brandon Radford, Micah Zacharias, Austin Pearson and Coach Bruce Davidson) from the Portage Curling Club
Central: Devon Wiebe and his team (Brett Moxham, Andrew Clapham, Ben Woelk and Coach Dean Moxham) from the Portage Curling Club
Interlake: Erik Rafnson and his team (Luke Loewen, Wyatt Kuran, Luke Udod, Mitch Feltham and Coach Bill Kuran) from the East St Paul Curling Club
Interlake:Braden Magura and his team (Mackenzie Smith, Griffin Smith, Ethan Dunn and Coach Keith Mcleod) from the Petersfield Curling Club
Parkland: Carter Watkins and his team (Dustin Tibble, Aiden Chmelowski, Brady Harris and Coach Louise Watkins) from the Swan River Curling Club
Parkland: Chad Sahulka and his team (Logan Lytwyn, Connor Crandall, Keith Murkin, Brady Sahulka and Coach Brent Benson) from the Winnipegosis Curling Club 
Westman: Quinn Robins and his team (Justin Gerrard, Connor English, Beau Bridgeman and Coach Clayton Robins) from the Rivers Curling Club
Westman: Graham Mustard and his team (Nathan Malfait, Matthew Flood, Connor Smith, Austin Mustard and Coach Leigh Mcfarlane) from the Carberry Curling Club
Winnipeg: JT Ryan and his team (Hugh Mcfarlane, Brad Van Achte, Bredan Cade and Coach John Lund) from the Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club
Winnipeg: Nathaniel Swanson and his team (Kyle Thiessen, Jason Slipec, Cory Slipec, Marc Courcelles and Coach Lynn Coleman)

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