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Grassie and Kolomaya Advance at Thistle

Saturday Dec 06 2014

Sean Grassie and Jared Kolomaya have advanced to the semifinals of the Thistle Integrity Stakes. Grassie trailed Ray Baker's Dauphin team 5-1 after 3 ends but stole six points over the next five ends to win 7-5. Kolomaya stole a point coming home to defeat Kyle Doering (skipping the Matt Dunstone Junior team) 5-4. Grassie will meet Steen Sigurdson and Kolomaya takes on William Kuran in the semifinals, scheduled for 6pm Monday. The final game will be played at 8:30.

Playoffs Underway at Thistle - Ray Baker (EE 5-4 over Dean Zammit) and Sean Grassie (6-2 over Justin Stanus) will meet in a Thistle Integirty Stakes quarterfinal game after the two teams won B-Qualifiers Sunday afternoon. In the the other B-Qualifier the winner was Kyle Doering, skipping Matt Dunstone's Junior team with Jason Gunnlaugson at third. They defeated  Eugene Desjarlais 7-3 to advance to a quarterfinal against A-Qualifier Jared Kolomaya. The other two A-Qualifiers, Steen Sigurdson and William Kuran, earned byes to the championship semifinals.

SATURDAY: Kolomaya, Kuran, Sigurdson First Qualifiers at Thistle - Jared Kolomaya-Stonewall, William Kuran-Heather, and Steen Sigurdson-Granite are the A-Side Qualifiers in the Thistle Integrity Stakes. Kuran (7-6 over Eugene Desjarlais), Kolomaya (8-6 over Sean Grassie), and Sigurdson (8-3 over Dean Zammit) await the B-qualifiers. Desjarlais, Grassie, and Zammit will play B-Qualifying games at 1pm Sunday against winners on the 10am draw.

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