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Grassie Foursome Wins New SUNOVA SPIEL at EAST ST PAUL

Monday Dec 01 2014

Sean Grassie’s Deer Lodge team (Corey Chambers, Kody Janzen, Stu Shiells) posted their second bonspiel championship of the season when they won the Men’s Division of the new Sunova Spiel at East St Paul, December 1st. Team Grassie picked up $2,600 and moved into second place on the Men’s Rankings of the Manitoba Curling Tour presented by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries thanks to their 6-4 victory over Travis Bale-East St. Paul
Bale-East St Paul (Brad Van Walleghem, Ronan Gueret & a rotating spare corps subbing for Ryan Bay) earned $1,800 and moved in to the top 20 for the first time this season.

In the semifinals, Grassie defeated Richard Muntain-Pinawa (6-0) while Bale defeated Wayne Ewasko-Beausejour (7-1) . The semifinalists each cashed cheques for $1200. Muntain moved into fifth position on the MCT Rankings while Ewasko made a significant move up the rankings and can move into the top 15 with a strong showing at the Thistle Integrity Stakes next weekend.

Quarterfinalist Trevor Loreth & Scott Ramsay-Granite, William Kuran-Heather, and Daley Peters-TBA all earned $800. By qualifying for the playoff round, Ramsay moved into the top position on the MCT Rankings. The other quarterfinalists improved their respective positions on the Rankings list and the likelihood of earning invitations to the season ending MCT Championship presented by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, December 12-14 at Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club.

Next on the MCT schedule will be the Thistle Integrity Stakes, an Open Event, December 5-8. Based on results of that event, the final rankings will be used to issue invitations to the MCT Championship the weekend later.

MCT Men`s Rankings, TOP 20 as of December 1:
1. Scott Ramsay-Granite (133)
2. Sean Grassie-Deer Lodge (125)
3. Steve Irwin-Brandon (114)
4. Daley Peters-TBA (104)
5. Richard Muntain-Pinawa (98)
6. ** Matt Dunstone (JR) -Granite (86)
7. ** William Lyburn-Granite  (74)
T8. Steen Sigurdson-Granite (72)
T8. William Kuran-Heather (72)
10. Jeff Hartung-SK (66)
11. Jared Kolomaya-Stonewall (64)
12. Trevor Loreth-Granite (63)
T13. Jeff Stoughton (62)
T13. Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge (62)
15. Kelly Marnoch-Carberry (58)
16.  Travis Bale-East St Paul (56)
17. Ray Baker-Dauphin (52)
18. Justin Stanus-Ft Rouge (46)
19. Matt Dunstone (UofM) (44)
T20. Randy Bryden-SK (40)
T20. ** Mike McEwen-Fort Rouge (40)
 * Points subject to final verification of eligibility
** Denotes teams already qualified for the Provincial Safeway Championship

MCT Manitoba Men’s Cash Winnings, TOP 20 as of December 1:
1. Mike McEwen-Fort Rouge  $18,000
2. Scott Ramsay-Granite  $13,650
3. Jeff Stoughton-Charleswood  $13,000
4. Matt Dunstone (UofM)  $10,000
5. William Lyburn-Granite  $8,000
6. Daley Peters-TBA   $6,300
7. Sean Grassie-Deer Lodge  $6,200
8. Steve Irwin-Brandon   $5,300
9. Jared Kolomaya-Stonewall  $4,000
10. Greg Todoruk-Dauphin  $3,500
11. Ray Baker-Dauphin   $3,300
12. Brent Scales-Swan River  $3,000
13. Matt Dunstone-Granite (JR)  $2,750
T14. Ryan Hyde-Portage  $2,500
T14. David Bohn-TBA   $2,500
T14. Richard Muntain-Pinawa  $2,500
17. Trevor Loreth-Granite  $2,400
18. Cliff Beaulieu-Deer Lodge  $2,000
19. William Kuran-Heather  $1,600
20. Braden Calvert-Deer Lodge  $1,500

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