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Lyburn Top Seed in Neepawa Safeway Berth Bonspiel

Thursday Nov 27 2014

The third entry in the field of 32 for the Safeway CHampionship in Brandon, in February, will be determined in a Safeway Berth Bonspiel this weekend in Neepawa. A total of 15 teams, mainly form western Manitoba, have entered the bonspiel which  begins Fridat at 9AM and wraps up with semi-finals at 1PM Sunday and final game at 5PM. The top 5 Seeds are:

1) William Lyburn-Granite CC
2) Jared Kolomaya-Stonewall CC
3) Kelly Robertson-Neepawa CC
4) Jerry Chudley-Neepawa CC
5) Bob Sigurdson-Granite CC

Mike McEwen-Fort Rouge (CTRS Berth) and Matt Dunstone (Spring Berth Bonspiel Berth) have already qualified for the 2015 Safeway Championship.

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