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Team Neufeld Wins DEKALB SuperLeague Championship

Saturday Jan 03 2015

Randy Neufeld, skipping a Morris team (David Hamblin, Kyle Peters, Justin Groening), has won the 2014-15 DEKALB SuperLeague Championship with a three-wins day Saturday, January 3 at the Morris Curling Club. The Neufeld team run to the championship and the $2,600 first prize started with a quarterfinal win over Dave Tonnellier-Thistle (6-1), followed by a semifinal victory over Daryl Bachalo-Portage (5-4) In the final game, Team Neufeld beat defending champion Dean North-Carman (Darcy Hayward, Bill North Jr., Warren McCutcheon), scoring four points over the first three ends en route to a 6-2 victory.

The North foursome reached the final without giving up a single point in their first two games, blanking Ryan Hyde-Portage (4-0) and Ryan Thomson-Morden (7-0). As league finalist, they earned $1,300 in addition to the $200 per round robin win awarded to each team throughout the season.

Bill North-Carman and Ryan Thomson-Morden both finished the season in the third ranked position, with a pair of victories on the final day for $1,000 paydays. North lost his opener to Thomson (7-2) before defeating Hyde (7-5) and Tonnellier (8-0). After beating Bill North, Thomson lost to Dean North (7-0), then bounced back to beat Bachalo (9-5) in the final ranking game. In the 5th ranked position, Tonnellier and Bachalo each earned $750.

In the ranking game for 7th place in the final standings, Rob Findlay-Carman defeated Ryan Hyde-Portage to win $575. Hyde was winless on the day and picked up $375.

Neufeld-North Championship Final in DEKALB SuperLeague - Defending champion Dean North-Carman and Randy Neufeld-Morris have advanced to the championship final of the DEKALB SuperLeague. Seeded 4th & 3rd respectively, the two teams have won a pair of playoff games to reach the final. North advanced without giving up a point in their first two games of the day, defeating Ryan Hyde-Portage (4-0) and Ryan Thomson-Morden (7-0). Neufeld posted wins over Dave Tonnellier-Thistle (6-1) and Daryl Bachalo-Portage (5-4).

DEKALB SUPERLEAGUE PLAYOFFS IN MORRIS, JANUARY 3 - The eight team DEKALB SuperLeague is holding its playoff day in Morris today (Saturday, January 3) with a total of $8,350 up for grabs. All eight teams have qualified into the championship playoff round with a chance to win the $2,600 champion’s share of the purse. The league finalist will earn $1,300.

Ryan Thomson-Morden and Rob Findlay-Carman finished the league’s round robin with identical 5-2 records but Thomson gets the first seed position in the draw based upon a round robin win over Findlay on the final night of play in early December.

With ties broken based on win-loss and, where necessary, a draw to the button, the draw for championship day in Morris is:

Result - (Seed-Team-Record)
Thomson Wins 7-2...#1: Ryan Thomson-Morden (5-3) vs #8: Bill North-Carman (1-6)
North Wins 4-0...#4: Dean North-Carman (4-3) vs #5: Ryan Hyde-Portage (3-3-1)
Bachalo Wins 6-5...#2: Rob Findlay-Carman (5-3) vs #7: Daryl Bachalo-Portage (2-5)
Neufeld Wins 6-1...#3: Randy Neufeld-Morris (4-3) vs #6: Dave Tonnellier-Thistle (3-3-1)

Draw times are 9:30AM, 12:30PM and 3PM

** DEC 4: Morden's Thomson Foursome Tops DEKALB League round Robin - A pair of wins for Ryan Thomson's Morden foursome improved their DEKALB Super League record to 5-2 to end the preliminary round of te league's 2014-15 season. Coming into the final night of round robin play, Thomson's 3-2 record had him a win behind first place Rob Findlay-Carman. Both won their first game of the evening. Findlay defeated Ryan Hyde-Portage while Thomson was a 6-5 winner over Daryl Bachalo-Portage. Findlay and Thomson met on the final draw and an 8-4 Thomson win created a 5 wins-2 losses tie for first place but the Thomson victory earned his Morden team the #1 seed in the January 3, 2015 championship playoffs in Morris.

David Hamblin's Morris team, skipped by Randy Neufeld, ws the only other team to win a pair on the final might of play. Wins over Dean North-Carman (6-1) and Bill North-Carman (7-4) moved the Morris team to a record of 4-3, tied with Dean North. The Neufeld/Hamblin team earned the third place seed thanks to the victory over Dean North who was also 4-3 at the end of the round-robin.

** NOV. 21: Carman's Rob Findlay Contnues to Lead DEKALB SuperLeague With 4-1 Record - Despite their first loss of the season, Rob FIndlay's Carman team continues to lead the way in the DEKALB SuperLeague. Dean North’s Carman team and Ryan Hyde’s Portage foursome both scored two wins as the DEKALB Super League  presented the first ever curling in the community of Rosenort Thursday evening. North defeated Rob Findlay-Carman (7-3) and Bill North-Carman (7-4) while Hyde’s victories came over Bill North-Carman (7-2) and Daryl Bachalo-Portage (6-4).

Ryan Thomson-Morden, Randy Neufeld-Morris, Dave Tonnellier-Thistle, and Rob Findlay-Carman all split their double-header games in Rosenort.

Daryl Bachalo and Bill North-Carman lost both games in Rosenort.

Findlay continues to lead the league with a 4-1 record while Hyde and Tonnellier share second place with a 3-1-1 record.

4-1 Rob Findlay - Carman
3-1-1 Dave Tonnellier-Thistle
3-1-1 Ryan Hyde – Portage
3-2 Ryan Thomson – Morden
3-2 Dean North – Carman
2-3 Randy Neufeld -Morris
1-4 Daryl Bachalo - Portage 
0-5 Bill North - Carman

NOV 14: RYAN THOMSON-Morden and ROB FINDLAY-CARMAN won two November 13 in Portage while Justin Reischek-Lansdowne had a win and a rare tie (early draw with a second game scheduled).  Findlay's Carman team leads the DEKALB Super League after the week two pair of round robin games. DEAN NORTH-Carman and BILL NORTH - Carman both lost two games. The other three teams all split their games in Portage. The league's next action is Thursday, November 20 in Rosenort when the DEKALB Super League players will have a rare opportunity to experience world-class arena ice conditions, thanks to an invitation from the organizing committee of the DEKALB SuperSpiel. The annual DEKALB SuperSpiel begins Thursday, November 20 in Morris and expands into the Rosenort Arena, with ice prepared by Greg Ewasko, on Friday, November 21.

3-0 Rob Findlay - Carman
 2-0-1 Darko Reischek – Lansdowne
 2-1 Ryan Thomson – Morden
 1-1-1 Ryan Hyde – Portage
 1-2 David Hamblin-Morris
 1-2 Daryl Bachalo - Portage
 1-2 Dean North – Carman
 0-3 Bill North - Carman

DRAW #2 – November 12, 2014
 W: Ryan Thomson – Morden 7-1 Dean North – Carman
 W: Rob Findlay - Carman 5-4  David Hamblin – Morris
 W: Daryl Bachalo - Portage 7-4 Bill North – Carman
 TIE: Darko Reischek – Lansdowne  5-5 Ryan Hyde – Portage

DRAW #3 – November 12, 2014
 W: Rob Findlay – Carman 7-1 Daryl Bachalo – Portage
 W: Darko Reischek – Lansdowne  6-4 Dean North – Carman
 W: David Hamblin – Morris 6-3 Ryan Hyde – Portage
 W: Ryan Thomson – Morden 7-6 Bill North – Carman

NOTE:  The previous schedule has been re-vamped to allow the DEKALB Super League teams to play on the ice at the Rosenort Arena, as an arena ice experience AND to help break in the ice for the DEKALB SUPER LEAGUE next weekend.

November 20 - ROSENORT
December 4 - CARMAN

NOVEMBER 6, 2014: The DEKALB SuperLeague got underway for the 2014-15 season with an opening meeting and one draw Thursday evening in Carman. The eight-team league includes Rob Findlay, Dean North, and Bill North Sr. skipping Carman teams, Ryan Hyde and Daryl Bachalo from Portage, Darko Reischek-Lansdowne, Ryan Thomson-Morden, and David Hamblin-Morris.

On opening night, defending champion Dean North-Carman posted a 7-2 win over Daryl Bachalo-Portage. Rob Findlay was an 8-4 winner over Bill North in a match-up of Carman teams. Ryan Hyde-Portage defeated Ryan Thomson’s Morden foursome by the same 8-4 score. And David Hamblin’s Morris foursome lost 6-1 to Darko Reischek and his Lansdowne entry.

Play continues with double headers in Carman (November 13); Carman (December 4); and Winkler  (December 11). Playoffs are scheduled January 3, 2015 in Morris.

The teams will compete for a total of nearly $14,000 in prize money over their competitive season with the league champion taking home $3,000 and the finalist earning $1,600. Third place will pay $1,000 $750 goes to the fourth place team, and with $650 (5th), $550 (6th), $450 (7th), $350 (8th) at the end of the season for the other teams. Each round robin win pays $200 to the victor.

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