October 2020

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No - it is not quite a total re-launch of thecurler.com but who knows, maybe it is a start. The website has been in limbo... read story

October 2019

Is it Time for a Re-Start?
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After four years (see next article published four years ago for explanation) I am thinking about a re-start of this website as a... read story

May 2016

All Things Come to an End...............
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NOTE TO READER: this piece was posted four years ago and at the time represented my 'retirement' from the curling media business as... read story

June 2015

Where do you find Curlers in the Summertime?
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Your quick answer is probably - at the golf course or the ball park. For this pair of Manitoba junior champions, formerly competitors and now teammates, the... read story

April 2015

A Successful Manitoba Weekend
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In one of the best weekends in recent memory for Manitoba curlers, our province’s medal haul increased by four  OR five if we want to... read story

January 2015

Playing for the Love of the Game!!!
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Friday evening at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, a young men’s team from Winkler was celebrated for winning one of CurlManitoba’s FAIR PLAY PRIZES from... read story

We Were a Stepping Stone!
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Saturday was our three game day in the Manitoba Open Bonspiel. It is a busy enough schedule that I didn't find time to add bonspiel... read story

JONES TEAM Top Seed for Scotties; THURSTON #2
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Earlier this week, I projected the Scotties seeding based upon the CTRS and the MCT rankings......and it turns out, from the announcement made ths morning,... read story

November 2014

UPDATED: My Thoughts on Seeding for the Scotties Berth Spiel
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I took a run at seeding the Scotties Berth Bonspiel based strictly on the MCT Rankings - and said that I'd compare the actual seedings... read story

September 2014

Ice Ready for a Big Season at Assiniboine Memorial
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The general assessment that there was a ‘a little too much curl’ in the ice at Assiniboine Memorial Monday morning as the season opening Ernie... read story

August 2014

Time to Get Back to Work!
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It is August 1st - and, having given myself some lazy time, I look ahead to the new curling season with excitement. A very good... read story

Still Waiting for a Place to Play!
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Back in the spring - a Manitoba team skipped by Lois Fowler (with Maureen Bonar, Cathy Gauthier, and Allyson Stewart) won the Canadian Senior Women's... read story

April 2014

"Tough Leadership" at Fort Rouge CC
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Call it ‘tough leadership’. At least that’s how I think of the decision by the Fort Rouge Curling Club to raise fees for all of... read story

Who's Number One?
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With line-ups for next year being announced, reported, tweeted, and leaked to media virtually every day now - it makes for interesting speculation about how... read story

July 2013

Congratulations and Thanks to a Friend and Mentor
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Every once in a while, you get a chance to say thank you to a person who has had a big influence in your life... read story

June 2013

How's This for a Summer Job?
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Josh Drews is a pretty good curler with what has to be one of the all-time great summer jobs. Drews is the bullpen catcher for... read story

2013 National Curling Congress & AGM A Quiet Success
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The 2013 CCA and National Curling Congress wrapped up today in Ottawa. It was my fourth and final meeting – an experience I have enjoyed.... read story

February 2013

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You’re the President of an organization that you are VERY proud to serve. You put in maybe 20, sometimes 30 hours a week some weeks,... read story

January 2013

Shared Memories!
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I was excited to see the draw posted with my son Matthew (the one home from Toronto for the spiel) and his team playing Rod... read story

November 2012

Congrats to AMCC!
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Congratulations to the Assiniboine Memorial CC on today’s announcement of federal funding to address accessibility issues in the curling facility at Vimy & Cavalier. Everyone... read story

I`m No Expert But....
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About the only thing I`ve ever claimed to be an expert in was butter tarts. Those who have followed my writings over the years know... read story

April 2012

Talking Curling in British Columbia
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British Columbia’s Business of Curling Symposium got underway last night here in Vancouver with about 40 representatives from 27 different BC Curling Centres taking time... read story

March 2012

March 21 RocKTalk Now On-Line
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The pre-recorded version of RockTalk's March 21 show on TSN 1290 is now available in our archived mp3 format. (LINK HERE). Special guests... read story

Brier Special Edition of RockTalk - Now Available
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The March 7 Tim Hortons Brier special edition of RockTalk from Saskatoon features TSN curling analysts Cathy Gauthier and Russ Howard with their perspectives on the Brier... read story

Tune In for RockTalk's Brier Preview With William Lyburn
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WIlliam Lyburn will be joining Brandon's Rob Fowler team as the fifth player at next week's Brier. From that unique perspective, Lyburn will experience the... read story

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