About The Curler

(Updated May 2016) thecurler.com is a web-publication of Resby Coutts - a long-time curler, curling volunteer and curling writer/broadcaster, dedicated to Manitoba curling and providing opinions as well as news and event coverage from a Manitoba perspective. In May 2016, the decision was made to cease 'publication'. 

When thecurler.com was launched in March, 2007, I explained the decision this way. “The time has come, I believe, to re-launch an old project in a new form. For over 15 years The Curler newspaper was my connection to the world of curling - and particularly Manitoba curling. It seems to me the time has come to start it up again - using the new (to me) technology of the internet. The thing I have missed most has been the opportunity to express an opinion about my favorite sport – maybe some of the same opinions tempered with a few years of experience.  thecurler.com will include some opinion, some news - and a replay of some of the interview features from my weekly radio program. Let me know what you think. If you disagree with me on something - let me know. As this site evolves - I hope it can serve the interests of Manitoba curling - and the sport in general.”
thecurler.com invites your news, event information, and your support in the form of advertising. Comments on any subject are encouraged and will be selectively published, with writer acknowledgement, in our ‘Your Say’ feature based on the contribution they make to the debates of the day. Contact information and Email addresses are included on the Contact Us page.

RESBY COUTTS - A curling history

  • 2016: At the conclusion of the 2015-16 season, ended a six year term as Coordinator of the Manitoba Curling Tour.
  • 2015: Elected to a four year term on the Board of Governers of Curling Canada. Appointed Chair of Constitution Review Committee. Served as Chair of the Constitution Review Committee and as a member of Governance Review and National Curling Congress Planning Committees. Began a three year term as a Director of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum Inc.
  • 2014: As a member of the Board of Directors of CurlManitoba, Chaired the Curling for Life Endowment Fund committee and was Board representative on the Mantoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum Board of Directors. Served as Advisor/Mentor to the Member Assocations at the 2014 CCA National Curling Conference and AGM.
  • Fall 2014: For the 15th and final year, continued an hour-long curling talk show (In the Hack with Resby Coutts) on 880 CKLQ-Brandon
  • 2013: Re-Elected to the Board of Directors of CurlManitoba for a second three year term. Served as Chair of the Safeway Men's Championship at the MTS Iceplex - the first return of the event to Winnipeg since 1995.
  • Fall 2013: For the 14th year, continued an hour-long curling talk show (In the Hack with Resby Coutts) on 880 CKLQ-Brandon
  • 2012: Re-Elected President of CurlManitoba - the first person elected for a repeat term since John Mather-Granite who was the first President in 1888-89 and re-elected for 1889-90. Continued to serve as CurlManitoba lead delegate for the CCA National Curling Conference and AGM as well continuing as a member of the CCA Constitutional Review Committee.
  • Fall 2012: For the 13th year, continued an hour-long curling talk show (In the Hack with Resby Coutts) on 880 CKLQ-Brandon after RockTalk was terminated by TSN 1290.
  • 2011: Elected President of CurlManitoba and chaired the annual meeting of Member Associations at the CCA National Curling Conference. Nominated by the MA's to serve on a review committee to update the CCA Constitution/By-Laws. Continued hosting RockTalk through the transition to TSN 1290.
  • 2010: Elected to the Board of Directors of CurlManitoba and elected Vice President. Took over from Bob Picken as Coordinator of the Manitoba Curling Tour and served the Morris Curling Club, acting as Co-Chair (with Brenda Recksiedler) of the Candian Mixed Championship.
  • 2009: Assisted World Seniors Curling Championships committee in Dunedin, New Zealand with Media Services and MCing. As play-by-play announcer for an over-the-air TV broadcast of the Men's final, became the first (with colour commentator Dan Mustapic) to broadcast a curling game live in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • 2006-2012 season: Host of RockTalk on CFRW 1290, Championship coverage for CKLQ 880, writing services for Safeway Championship website & CCA’s Business of Curling newspaper, guest speaker at CCA’s Business of Curling Symposia in BC. Northern Ontario, New Brunswick, and Alberta. Launched & maintained thecurler.com.
  • 1997- fall 2006: Manitoba Curling Association Media Relations Director and Event Coordinator
  • 1993-1995: Executive Director, Brandon ’95 Ford World Curling Championships
  • 1988-2002: Publisher of The Curler (originally Keystone Curler) – a mass-distribution newspaper
  • Since 1979, covered many World Curling Championship events plus numerous Canadian and provincial events as a freelance broadcaster/writer
  • An event volunteer for 2003 Worlds, 1998 Brier, 1997 Olympic Trials, 1993 Scott, 1989 Canadian Mixed and numerous provincial and local events.
  • Prior to joining the MCA staff – a member of the Manitoba Curling Association Elected Council and served three years (including one as President) of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame and Museum.
  • Part of the broadcast team for CKLQ Radio’s play-by-play coverage of the Manitoba games at the 1982 Brier and selected games at the 1987 Brier. In 1994, joined Bob Picken on CJOB’s play-by-play broadcast of the Labatt Tankard final – the last game broadcast on radio in Manitoba curling.
  • 1981: lead on the Labatt Tankard finalist team skipped by Murray Nye – lost to Kerry Burtnyk in the Manitoba final.
  • Learned to curl in a one-sheet curling club in Elva, Manitoba and has since been a member of many curling clubs – Pierson, Melita, Grain Exchange, St. Vital, Transcona,  Brandon, Wheat City, Morris and was an executive member of Wheat City and Morris Clubs.
  • Elected to the Westman Millenium Curling Wall of Fame (2000) along with father George (Elva) and Grandmother Margaret (Melita) - one of few 3 generation curling volunteer families so-honoured.
  • Recognized as Manitoba Sports Writers Dallis Beck Award winner (2003), MCA Honourary Life Member (1992), U of Manitoba Volunteer of the Year (1971)
  • Yes, the rumour is true, has had three (3) eight-enders scored against.