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Nott AutoCorp 'Spiel To Go Ahead

Sunday Sep 27 2009
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Despite an entry of 18 teams, below the desired 24, the Nott Autocorp Thanksgiving Charity Open will go ahead this wekend at Thistle CC. Nott Autocorp spokesman Barry Swain says it works out to a perfect draw with 3 groups of six teams - so all teams get five games. The spiel will start at 6:30 Friday evening and will include two Friday, 5 Saturday and only 3 Sunday draws. Playoffs go on Monday.

Swain is currently attempt ing to finalize details of the planned draw to the button contest for a car and is optimistic that it will go ahead as planned.
Win a Car In Nott AutoCorp 'Spiel Button Draw Contest..In an effort to boost entries, organizers of the Nott Autocorp Thanksgiving Charity Open, at Thistle CC October 9-12, have reduced the entry fee to $250 AND added a first-ever Manitoba Curling Tour players' contest for a car. The added prize, with every curler eligible, is a draw-the-button contest for a NOTT luxury car. This prize will only be offered IF there is a full entry of 24 teams.

With the $250 entry fee, the prize money in the ‘spiel will total $8,200 with $2500 for first. (2nd=$1,700; 3rd/4th=$1,000; 5th-8th=$500). The reduction means the pay per win payout must be dropped.

The Nott Autocorp Thanksgiving Charity Classic is an OPEN event which was won a year ago by Junior Alex Forrest.  It runs on the same weekend as the Women`s Atkins Curling Supplies Charity Classic at Charleswood and the Manitoba Lotteries Men`s Curling Classic in Brandon.

Nott Autocorp`s Barry Swain says "I hope this message reaches some of the curlers who play at the grassroots level and love the game. The Thistle Curling Club Ltd. has sunk a lot of good money into the old Valour Road facility, and I know that the ice will be fantastic ".


·         5-game Round-robin in four groups of six teams.

·         Two teams advance from each group

·         Friday games at 4pm, 6:45pm, and 9pm

·         Five draws Saturday and Sunday (with an added tiebreaker Sunday if needed)

·         Three draw playoff Sunday


·         ROUND 1 - Upon completion of the first game, all 8 players draw from the far end with NO sweeping and guidance, closest to the pin moves on to the next round.

·         ROUND 2 - Sunday evening, all 12 shoot again and the closest qualifies for the DRAW to the button for a luxury car on Thanksgiving Monday before the final game begins.


·         Nott Autocorp invites 'sponsorship '  donations of $150. As all costs and payouts are covered by the entry fees and Nott Autocorp, 100% of the donation goes direct to CancerCare Manitoba.

·         Nott has also been hosting fund-raiser Barbecues through the summer to add to the contribution.

·         A charitable donation cheque will be presented prior to the Monday final.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Those who want to contribute to the cure and have a corporate logo in JPG format, please consider a $150 sposnsorship donation. To date 7 of the 15 available sponsorships are committed. Email Barry Swain at [email protected] and I'll send over the form. VISA and MasterCard are accepted to make it very simple.

OR call Barry at 1-877-889-6688, ANYTIME, if it's after hours just wait for the recording to ask you to enter an extension and then enter 205, it only takes 10 seconds.


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