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Nicholls Wins Four in a Day to Top Gimli Pharmasave 'Spiel

Sunday Nov 16 2008

Peter Nicholls and his team from West Kildonan won the PHARMASAVE GIMLI CLASSIC at the Gimli Recreation Centre tonight (Sunday), beating Bob Sigurdson of Winnipeg's Granite club 5-4 in an extra end final.

Both teams played "B' Group qualifying games at 9:00 a.m., and followed up with quarter-final and semi-final victories at 12 noon and 3:00 p.m., before agreeing to play the final at 6 o'clock tonight.

It was the second cashspiel win of the MCT season for Nicholls, who won the opening McMillan Insurance Classic in Selkirk with his team of Dean Dunstone at fourth, second James Kirkness, and lead Wayne Sigurdson.

The Pharmasave top prize was $5,200, while Sigurdson (with Darren Oryniak, Al Purdy, and Cory Walchuk) earned $2,800.

Morden's Ian Beavis lost 9-4 to Nicholls, and Vic Peters of Fort Garry fell 4-2 to Sigurdson. Beavis and Peters received $2,000 apiece for reaching the semi-finals, while three-time Gimli champion Chris Galbraith of Rosser and Randy Dutiaume of West Kildonan each went home with $1,000 by qualifying for the quarter-finals (22 teams - 6 qualifiers). Kyle Einarson of Selkirk won $500 for his second victory in a Consolation event this season.

UPCOMING ON THE TOUR -- Next up on the MCT is the INTERLAKE PHARMACY CLASSIC (Nov.20th-24th) starting on Thursday in Stonewall, with a field of 24 men's teams and 16 in the women's division.


Sunday Update 3: Nicholls-Sigurdson Final in Gimli....Bob Sigurdson plays Peter Nicholls in the final of the Pharmasave Gimli Classic at 6pm Monday.

Sigurdson won his semi-final 4-2 over Vic Peters while Nicholls was a 9-4 winner over Ian Beavis.

Sunday Update #2: Semis Set at  Gimli Pharmasave 'Spiel .....The semi-finals at the Pharmasave Gimli Classic feature Vic Peters against Bob Sigurdson and  Ian Beavis against Peter Nicholls. Sigurdson advanced this afternoon with a 7-4 win over Chris Galbraith while Nicholls scored a 6-5 victory over Randy Dutiaume.

Sunday Update #1: Peters, Dutiaume, Beavis Qualify for Gimli Pharmasave Playoffs ........Chris Galbraith plays Bob Sigurdson and Randy Dutiaume plays Peter Nicholls in the quarterfinals of the Pharmasave Classic in Gimli.  Sigurdson advanced with an early 8-6 win over Wayne Ewasko; Nicholls beat Greg Romaniuk-USA 7-3 and Galbraith defeated Kyle Foster 5-4. 

The Galbraith-Sigurdson winner plays Vic Peters in the semi-final while Dutiaume or Nicholls will take on Ian Beavis. The semi-finals are set for 3pm in Gimli.The final will take place either at 8pm Monday OR 6pm Sunday, depending on the desires of the competitors. If Sigurdson, Galbraith and/orNicholls reach the final the 6pm draw would represent their fourth game of the day and a MOnday final would be likely. If it is a Beavis-Peters final, that would only be their second game of the day for each team so the 6pm final would no doubt go ahead.

Saturday Late Update: Peters, Dutiaume, Beavis Qualify for Gimli Pharmasave Playoffs .....Former Manitoba champions Vic Peters and Randy Dutiaume lead the list of playoff teams in the Pharmasave Gimli Classic. The twopast champions were joined by Ian Beavis as A-Event qualifiers on the evening draw Saturday.

Peters defeated Chris Galbraith 6-2. Beavis beat Peter Nicholls 8-6. Dutiaume was an 8-4 winner over Bob Sigurdson.  The losers drop into "B" qualifiers at 9am Sunday morning.

Sigurdson plays Wayne Ewasko; Nicholls meets Greg Romaniuk (Seattle, Washington); and Galbraith meets Kyle Foster.  To reach the B-Event Q-Games, Ewasko defeated Bill Kuran 7-1; Foster was a 4-3 winner over Scott Madams; and Romaniuk defeated junior champion Kyle Peters 8-6. 

Romaniuk is also a past Manitoba champion, having won back-to-back junior titles at third for Lyall Hudson in 1989 and 1990.
                Kyle Einarson   6       Steen Sigurdson     2

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