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Reigning Champ Will Not Defend Title

Wednesday Aug 27 2008

Vic Peters has good news for Manitoba's Senior Men competitive curlers.

Peters says he will not be attempting to defend the Manitoba Senior title he won a year ago in his first year of eligibility.

Asked last week, after a demonstration curling match with Manitoba’s Wheelchair champion team in Warren, if he plans to defend his Manitoba Senior Championship, Peters said “No I don’t. I still think I can play with the younger guys and I enjoy playing in that competition.”

Peters said the senior curling was great - and was a very high level of competition as well. “I just didn’t quite get as much out of it as I got out of the regular curling,” he said.

The former Manitoba and Canadian Men’s champion said it is also a matter of time. “There’s only so much time. We have kids that curl and we want to watch them and we’d like to take a winter vacation. You can’t time everything,” he said.

So for this year at least, Peters says he won’t be competing at the Senior Men’s level.

With son Daley skipping a new team in Men’s competition and daughter Liz part of the defending World Junior Bronze medal winning team, Vic knows there is a better than fair chance he could have a chance to watch one of them at a championship level again this year. “The Junior Women’s last year was, for sure, the highlight of our winter. Anyone who has kids knows it’s funs to do your own thing - but you want to be there when the kids do something. So I just need a bit more time in winter, if and when my kids do win something,” he explained.

Peters will compete with the same Men’s team as last year - Ken Tresoor, Chris Neufeld, and Keith Fenton.

“We’ll play a little harder than we did last year. We had some success and we still think we can possibly take a run at our province - so that’s our goal,” he said.

Peters says the Brier is still the ultimate. “I love to play for cash - but guys really grind in the Brier chase. The zones are always fun and definitely our Manitoba provincial is a top notch show, so our goal is to get there,” he said.

In the back of his mind Peters also knows getting a shot at the Brier could be a path to the Olympic Trials process. “That (the Olympic Trials) is not really our goal. We’ll play mostly Manitoba events where the points aren’t as large. But for sure it’s in the back of our minds," he said.

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