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Asham Opens Downtown Store

Thursday Jan 17 2008

Competitors in the MCA Bonspiel found a coupon in their bonspiel 'package' inviting them to shop at either of the TWO Asham Curling Supplies Outlets in Winnipeg.

Quietly, in time for the Christmas shopping season, Arnold Asham has opened a second outlet in Portage Place. The location, on the pedway near the MTS Centre, is perfectly located to take advanatge of the curling crowds who will be using that walkway druing Brier week.

Asham says the opportunity to test a downtown outlet was part of his motivation but he does acknowledge the Brier market is a prime reason for the move.

Asham says he'll also be working with Portage Place to provide entertainment in the mall during Brier week. Look for the popular Asham Stompers to be a big part of that entertainment package.

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