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25th Anniversary Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Thursday Feb 23 2012

The 2012 inductees into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame were announced Wednesday at the St Vital Curling Club. They include Jim Dunstone's 1980 Canadian Mixed Champion team; 5 veteran teams - 3 Brier champions skipped by Ken Watson and 2 Brier champions skipped by Howard Wood Senior; Veteran Builder Bruce Boreham – sports editor of the Winnipeg Tribune; and Builders Nancy Rummery  and Heather Helston. (L-R Pictured are Al Dyker, nephen of Watson team member Lyle Dyker; Nancy Rummery; Howard Wood III, grandson of Howard Wood Sr.; Heather Helston; and Dean Dunstone & Elaine Jones representing the Dunstone team.

The 25th anniversary Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame Induction Banquet will take place at CanadInns Polo Park, May 6, 2012.

Veteran Teams: Those who were fortunate enough to grow up in the sport of curling in Manitoba in the middle decades of the 20th century heard about the legends of the game who created the Manitoba legacy. Always 3 names were mentioned in the same sentences. Howard Wood and Gordon Hudson from the 1920`s and 30`s  and Ken Watson from the 30`s and 40`s.

The three are all Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame members as individuals Watson was inducted in the first year – 1987 as a Curler-Builder and the next year Gordon Hudson was inducted as a Curler-Builder while Wood was inducted as a curler. In 1998, Gordon Hudson`s Strathcona Curling Club Manitoba and Brier champion teams from 1928 and 1929 were inducted into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame.

And this year – the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame's 25th anniversary year, the Brier champion teams of Ken Watson and Howard Wood Senior are being honoured.

The Ken Watson Teams of 1936, 1942 and 1949 all included third Grant Watson, and they had different front ends each time.  The seconds were Marvin McIntyre, Charlie Scrymgeour and Lyle Dyker while the leads were Charles Kerr, Jim Grant and Charles Read

Honoured by Induction into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame as Veteran Teams in 2012 are the three British Consols and Macdonald Brier Canadian Champion teams skipped by Ken Watson. 
1936 Ken Watson, Grant Watson, Marvin McIntyre, Charles Kerr
1942 Ken Watson, Grant Watson, Charlie Scrymgeour, Jim Grant
1949 Ken Watson, Grant Watson, Lyle Dyker, Charles Read

Along with the Watson teams, the Howard Wood Sr. Teams of 1930 and 1940 are also being honoured this year. In 1930, Vic and Lionel Wood were the front end with Jimmy Congalton at third. A decade later, Howard Wood Jr was the second with Roy Enman at lead and Ernie Pollard at third.

Honoured by Induction into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame as Veteran Teams in 2012 are the two British Consols and Macdonald Brier Canadian Champion teams skipped by Howard Wood SR.
1930 Howard Wood Sr., Jimmy Congalton, Vic Wood, Lionel Wood
1940 Howard Wood Sr. Ernie Pollard, Howard Wood Jr., Roy Enman

Team: The rich legacy of Manitoba curling has included several great Mixed curling teams. Ernie Boushy`s Heather teams from the 1960`s and the Jeff Stoughton Wildewood Mixed Champion teams have already been recognized in the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame.

In 1980, another Mixed team won the Canadian Championship. Also curling out of the Heather Curling Club, Jim and Carol Dunstone, second Del Stitt and lead Elaine Jones captured the Manitoba Seagram Mixed Championship and went on to win what was at the time Manitoba`s fourth Canadian Mixed Championship.They are the 2012 TEAM INDUCTEE INTO THE MANITOBA CURLING HALL OF FAME. 


Veteran Builder:  Manitoba curling has long been well served by the Manitoba media. This year's induction into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame includes one of the originals. Bruce Boreham, as sports editor for the Winnipeg Tribune, wrote the original story announcing the beginning of the Macdonald Brier Tankard. He was secretary of the 1967 Macdonald Brier Trustees and the Canadian Curling Championship. In 1970 he wrote the Official History of the Macdonald Brier which covered the first 40 years of the event which includes a breakdown of the participants, scores, standings, biographies, entertainment, etc. He was inducted into the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame in 1975.

Builder: Manitoba media who report on Men‘s and Women’s Championship competitions in this province will all tell you that job is made so much easier by the fact that the event in played in an arena – the curlers will tell you the event is a bigger highlight in their curling career because it is played in an arena – the fans, such as the nearly 2,000 fans who packed into Portage’s new arena this year will tell you the sport is better showcased in an arena.

If any one person gets the credit for putting the Manitoba Women’s championship in an arena – it is Nancy Rummery who served on the executive of the M.L.C.A. for eight years before becoming President in 1997.  During her year as President the Tournament of Hearts was held for the first time in an arena. It was and continues to be a great success. Nancy continues to volunteer – she has been a part of numerous championships and continues to officiate at provincial events. In recognition of her contributions to the sport of curling Nancy Rummery is a 2012 Builder INductee into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame. 

Builder:The Manitoba Curling Museum is recognized as being one of the most complete collections of curling memorabilia and information anywhere. Its parallel – the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame – recognizes the great competitors – the leaders of the sport – and the grerat teams who have built Manitoba`s reputation as the centre and the heart of the curling world.

The Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame and Museum has been created over 25 years  by many dedicated curling volunteers – but for nearly 20 years at the heart of this magnificent effort  has been one person. Heather Helston is the Curator of the Manitoba Hall of Fame and Museum and under her tutelage she has nurtured and expanded the Hall of Fame to the stature it has acheived today.

Her dedication and hard work in collecting, cataloguing, researching, maintaining and displaying the museum collection as well as providing assistance to curling clubs, events and individuals in research has been invaluable to the sport. She has been the single greatest influence in the creation of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame and Museum – and now her own name is included in our Hall of Fame as a Buidler Inductee.

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