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OCTOBER ?Spiel at Thistle NOT Dead

Friday Sep 21 2007

By Resby Couutts

Although an issue has apparently risen with the sponsorship of the former Asham 8-Ender bonspiels at the Thistle Curling Club on Thanksgiving weekend, Randy Dutiaume and his team say the bonspiels are not dead yet.

Shortly after getting the word that the sponsorship was at issue and that the bonspiel may not go ahead, Dutiaume and his team said they were committed to keeping the bonspiel?s spot as an MCT and WCT tour stop.

?The key message right now is to let teams know that they should keep the bonspiel on their schedule,? Dutiaume said. ?We?ve only known about this for an hour or so. There are no details yet but it is important for the club, the curlers and the tours.?

Look for more details here at on Friday evening, after Dutiaume and his team mates have had a chance to do some homework.

In the meantime, they need one or two women to step forward to help run the previously scheduled Women?s section of the bonspiel.

Offers to help, or questions about the status of the bonspiel can be directed to Dutiaume and his team through this website. Go to the Contact Us page and email

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