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Your Chance to Play Team China!!

Saturday Feb 18 2012

The Chinese Women's and Men's team, skipped by Bingyu Wang and Riu Liu, will be training at Morris during various periods in March and are looking for some good competition. Both teams will be travelling to Canada in late February. Both Men's and Women's teams will are looking for competition February 27 to March 5. The teams will be competing at the new bonspiel in Grand Prairie, Alberta (March 8-11). The men will return to Morris for another week of competition and preparation, March 15 to 23 while the women go to Lethbridge for the Ford World Women's. Both daytime and evening games are possible for interested teams.
The games will simulate world championship play with 9-minute practices, draw to the button for hammer, a timeout and a fifth end break, and a 73 minute game (this will be unofficial timing).
Interested Manitoba teams are invited to contact Coaches Lorne/Chris Hamblin at or 204-712-5842.
The Chinese Men will go from Morris to Switzerland for the World Men's in early April.

**JANUARY 5, 2012 - Hamblins Receive Extended Chinese Agreement: Two years after helping the Swiss Men’s champions achieve an Olympic Bronze Medal, Manitoba curling coaches Lorne & Chris Hamblin are set to return to Switzerland. This time, however, their mission is to help China’s Men’s team achieve their first World championship medal.

The husband and wife team, who worked with the Chinese National team in winning the Pacific Championship and thereby earning a berth in the 2012 Worlds in Basel, Switzerland, have had their contract re-newed through to the end of April, 2012.

The contract has also been expanded to include a primary coaching role with the Chinese Women’s team, skipped by Bingyu Wang. The coaches will watch the Women’s team at the Continental Cup in Langley BC and then work with the team to prepare them for the Ford Worlds in Lethbridge.

Following the Continental Cup, the Chinese teams will play in a tournament in Japan and then come to Canada in late February to prepare for the World Championships.

“It has been an exciting opportunity and an interesting challenge to work with the Chinese Men and we are excited about expanding our duties to include the Women’s team,” Lorne Hamblin said in a conversation in late December.

Language is a challenge but with the help of a fulltime interpreter, as was used during the Pacific Championship, training and practices will become much easier. Now that they are working with both teams, the Hamblins will be working as two full time coaches.

Having coached their sons World Junior Championship team in 2002 and the 2010 Swiss Olympic Bronze medal team, the Hamblins are in a position to become one of the first (in fact, perhaps the first ever) coaches to win international curling medals with teams from three different continents.

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