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?08 Brier Launches Corporate Ticket Sale Campaign

Sunday Sep 02 2007

Winnipeg?s 2008 Tom Hortons Brier Committee has launched a Corporate Ticket Sales Program designed to encourage the Manitoba business community to take in the Legends of Rock championship.
?We want the biggest-ever attendance at a Winnipeg curling event and to do that we?re going to need the support of the Manitoba business community,? says Lorne Hamblin, Brier ?08 Business Vice-Chair.

The corporate ticket program offers many features that are important to the businessman. ?Perhaps most important is the fact that we will invoice for tickets, allowing the company to handle tickets through their accounting office rather than as personal expenses,? Hamblin explains.

For the first time, a Manitoba championship curling event has established a sales team dedicated to the sale of tickets in the Manitoba business community. Key features of the corporate program include:
? Availability of a pair of specially designed ticket packages, well priced for the business community. Full event packages and public mini-packs can also be purchased through the program at announced prices.
? Invoicing of ticket packages purchased through the corporate program
? Opportunity to pre-order Brier Patch tokens, also for invoicing to the business? accounting department.
? Opportunity to assign corporate ticket purchases to the advantage of a favourite curling club under the ?08 Brier?s unique Quote Your Code program.

?We saw the success of a similar program in helping the Edmonton World Championship sell 300,000+ tickets and we saw the Winnipeg World Women?s Hockey Championship?s corporate program help them set an attendance record,? says Hamblin. ?Those are the kinds of numbers we want for the Winnipeg Brier and we plan an aggressive sales campaign to accomplish them.?

The ticket sales program emphasizes the opportunity to pre-purchase groups of tickets for business use in customer/client or staff appreciation and incentive programs.

The Tim Hortons Brier Corporate Sales Team includes Reid Lumbard (Brandon and Westman), Wayne Pauls (Steinbach and Eastman), and Resby Coutts & Bruce Crookshanks (Winnipeg).

For more details on Brier ?08?s corporate ticket packages, contact Resby Coutts by email at

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