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Summary of Canadian Curling Association?s Annual General Meeting

Tuesday Jun 19 2007

June 19, 2007: CCA News Release

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Canadian Curling Association (CCA) was held in Gatineau, Quebec on Saturday, June 16th.
The CCA went through some difficult times during the 2006-07 season, which was summarized by the following comments from President Donna Duffett.
?For a number of years, the CCA, in the interest of maintaining reasonable assessments to its members, has budgeted for revenue from championships and sponsorship sales that, while not secured, was anticipated during the fiscal year.
?For the 2006?07 season, a number of unanticipated circumstances developed which resulted in championship revenues not meeting projections. The championships area actually sustained a loss, two projected sponsorship positions were not attained and a final settlement was reached in an external disagreement, all of which resulted in a loss in the vicinity of $1.3 million?, said Duffett.
?The CCA is obviously very concerned about the position it has been placed in as a result of the above. In an attempt to ensure this does not happen again, the current budget being developed will be compiled in such a manner so that revenue which is not yet secured will not be included in the process.
?In addition, revenues attained from the championships area in the years ahead will be dedicated, initially, to paying off the debt incurred in 2007, then directed to building a reserve fund that will be used in support of activities for some of the more vulnerable areas of the operation?, she continued.
?I would like to thank all of the member associations for a new and positive spirit of cooperation within the organization as it moves towards the 2010 Olympics and a very bright future?, Duffett concluded.
?I?m sure I can speak on behalf of all the member associations when I say thank you to the CCA Board for hearing our concerns and agreeing to work side-by-side with the member associations in a new and positive way?, said Del Jones, President of the Saskatchewan Curling Association.
Part of the CCA?s financial restructuring will also involve a temporary suspension of most activity in the curling development area. Danny Lamoureux, presently the CCA?s Manager of Curling Club Development, will be re-assigned to the position of Manager of Championship Services, replacing the recently-departed Neil Houston, who took a position with VANOC 2010 as Curling Manager.
In a show of support for the CCA?s approach to remedying its current situation, the member associations voted in favour of increasing the per sheet assessment to each curling club in Canada to $85 (from $65) per artificial sheet of ice and also voted to implement a junior competitor fee of up to $10 per person if deemed necessary to assist in the operation of the Canadian junior championships.
The joint working committee on Governance and Organizational Structure also tabled a report and its recommendations were accepted unanimously by the membership.
Al Forsythe of Moncton, New Brunswick was elected to the office of CCA President for the year 2007-08, while Beth Sullivan of Bathurst, New Brunswick won the vote for the position of Vice-President.
President Donna Duffett and Past-President Jerry Shoemaker will leave the board after a five-year term and elected to new five-year terms were Bernadette McIntyre of Regina and Mitchell Tarapasky of Winnipeg.

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