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Tarapasky joins CCA Board

Sunday Jun 17 2007

June 17, 2007: By Resby Coutts

Manitoba Curling Association Past-President Mitchell Tarapasky has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Curling Association.
Tarapasky was elected on the second ballot June 16 at the CCA Annual Meeting. He was elected over candidates from Ontario and Nova Scotia. As the only woman candidate, Regina?s Bernadette McIntyre was acclaimed to the CCA Board.
After a period of turmoil, Tarapasky indicates that a new era is beginning at the Canadian Curling Association. A new governance model, developed over the past year by a committee which included Tarapasky in his capacity as MCA President, was adopted unanimously by the meeting.
?The new model outlines a board-driven organization not staff-driven as it has been in the past,? Tarapasky says. ?The Member Associations, the owners of the Canadian Curling Association, are more directly involved.?
The Canadian Curling Association faces real challenges in the year ahead. Prior to the meeting, it was understood that budget would project a deficit of over a million dollars. Tarapasky advised that details of the CCA budget discussions will be outlined in a news release expected in the next couple of days. (June 19 Editor Note: See CCA News Release elsewhere on this site)
Discussions at the meeting included a process of per person rather than per sheet affiliation with the CCA. However Tarapasky reports the suggested per capita affiliation fee was not acceptable to the Member Associations (MAs) and the concept has gone back to the drawing board for further review and input from the MAs.
Hiring a replacement for departed C.E.O. Dave Parkes was also a significant discussion topic. It is expected that interviews will be conducted in August and that a new senior staff person will be in place by about October 1.
Tarapasky, who is also a member of the management committee of the 2008 Tim Hortons Brier, says he doesn't see his election to the CCA Board as presenting a conflict with the interests of the Brier committee but says it is a subject he will discuss with the Brier group at the first opportunity. "Maybe, from time to time, there could be a decision that I should excuse myself from," he says. "I don't see it being required very often."
CCA Board Notes:
> Mitchell Tarapasky becomes the second Manitoba on the current CCA Board. He joins Georgina Anderson of Glenboro.
> Tarapasky is believed to be the first Canadian Curling Association director from the Victoria Curling Club.
> Following Barry Greenberg and Georgina Anderson, Tarapasky becomes the third MCA Past-President in the seven year history of the amalgamated MCA to advance to the CCA Board.
> Going back to 1935, 11 Manitobans have served as President of Canadian Curling bodies. These include 8 men (Sen. J.T. Haig, Gordon Hudson, John Dutton, William Lumsden, Cec Watt, Stanley Oleson, Zivan Saper, and Barry Greenberg) and 3 women (Lura McLuckie, Joan Whalley, and Edith Tipping).

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