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MCA to consider Per Person Affiliation

Sunday Jun 03 2007

June 3, 2007: by Resby Coutts

The Manitoba Curling Association has two weeks to prepare its initial reactions to a Canadian Curling Association move away from per-sheet-of-ice club affiliation fees toward a standard of per-person affiliation.
CCA Director Georgina Anderson reported to the MCA?s Annual Meeting June 2 in Hamiota that standardization to per-person affiliation will be a major topic of discussion at the CCA AGM, scheduled for June 16.
Anderson says that half a dozen provinces already affiliate provincially on a per-person basis while maintaining the CCA pattern of affiliation on a per sheet basis. In Manitoba, clubs affiliate both with the MCA and CCA on a per-sheet formula.
During the past season, the MCA rejected requests from the Pine Falls and Morris Curling Clubs to reduce affiliation fees because of numbers of curlers in their clubs did not justify the affiliation fees being paid. The Management Committee report presented to the Manitoba annual meeting indicated intent to develop a province-wide solution in response to the financial difficulties of many other clubs in Manitoba. President Dale Brooks advised the meeting that the Board of Directors would be preparing a response to the CCA proposal in planning sessions following the Hamiota meeting.
Highlights of Anderson?s CCA report included:
** An Ottawa firm has been retained to assist with the search for a replacement for C.E.O. Dave Parkes. Intent is to have a replacement in place by early fall.
** Parallel with the appointment of a new C.E.O., the CCA will undertake a complete organizational review.
** Depending on the response to discussion on the affiliation process proposal outlined above, competitor fees could disappear in the future. It is likely, however, that competitor fees will continue in place for the 2007-2008 season.
** The 2007 CCA annual meeting will consider a proposal to move the Canadian Senior Championships into the fall of the year ? adopting the same pattern as now existed with the Mixed with the Provincial champions determined in the spring of the year to compete nationally in the fall. Among other things this move will relieve scheduling pressure during the season and allow the current year champion to attend the World Seniors.
** The Canadian team at the World Mixed Doubles Championship in Finland will be made up of members of the winning team at the 2007 Canadian Mixed. To date no site has been determined for the ?07 National Mixed event.
Manitoba?s Past President Mitchell Tarapasky is a candidate for election to the CCA Board of Directors. The election, for a five-year term, will take place June 16.

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