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UPDATED: RockTalk Begins Wednesday, October 20 on Sports Radio 1290

Monday Sep 27 2010

It's a new night (Wednesday) on a new format radio station (Sports Talk), but its the same RockTalk October 20 at 7pm. An hour of all curling on the world's only broadcast hour of curling talk. Mitch Tarapasky will return as this season's part-time co-host. A new league curling night means occasional conflicts in the schedule. Joining in this season will be a new part-time co-host. Jordan Bauldic, who curled at the high end of Manitoba junior curling a few years back with Adam Norget, will become a regular on RockTalk and here on thecurler.com as he progresses through a year of studies and work experience at Winnipeg's Academy of Broadcast Corporation. I am lucky to have found an eager young broadcast student looking for some on-the-job experience, and especially one who shares the passion for curling which Mitch and I have.

Join us Wednesday, October 20, 7pm - Sports Radio 1290. In the meantime, LINK HERE to listen to Jordan Bauldic's first interview for thecurler.com and RockTalk.

SEPTEMBER 27: At 10:57 AM Monday, September 27, CFRW 1290 disappeared from the Winnipeg airwaves - to be replaced by Sports Radio 1290. It is a new all-sports radio station and curling will continue to be a key part of the new station's local sports programming. The Monday evening slot we have occupied for the past few years has been taken over by NFL Football and RockTalk moves to a new timeslot, WEDNESDAYS 7-8pm. In fact, the new format creates an opportunity to grow curling coverage on this outlet. For starters, as we get into the season, we'll be adding a Manitoba Curling Tour report to the local sports coverage package for some daytime curling coverage as well. Watch & listen for details on that addition as we move ahead.

There'll be another change this season as well as we add a fresh new personality as a regular, and eventually permanent, member of the RockTalk broadcast team. Jordan Bauldic, who is currently taking a broadcast course at Winnipeg's Academy of Broadcast Corporation, has aspirations in sports broadcasting and RockTalk will be his first regular on-air assignment as he works toward that future. Bauldic's youth and enthusiasm for curling, as well as his recent competitive experience will bring a new perspective to the show.

Long-time co-host Mitch Tarapasky will also return as a part of the team. The switch to Wednesday will conflict with Tarapasky's club curling some nights as he plays the rotating 7pm-9:15 draws at Thistle that night. However, when Tarapasky plays the late draw, he'll be in the RockTalk studio as always.

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