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New Identity Established at Thistle CC

Wednesday Jul 11 2007

July 11, 2007: By Resby Coutts

Signage is in place at 280 Burnell St identifying the newly re-named Thistle Curling Club. Rising from the ashes of their fire a year ago, the 120 year old Thistle has taken over the curling club originally known as the Valour Road Legion Curling Club, then later simply the Valour Road Curling Club. For the past two seasons it has operated as Asham Arena.

Completion of the new fa?ade and a significant upgrade to the parking lot on the north side of the building bode well for the future of the new/old club. Upgrades to the clubrooms and ice area are currently underway. If, as would be expected, they reach the same standard as achieved with the front and parking lot, Thistle Club members and bonspiel curlers can look forward to a great season at the club on Burnell.

On the overall curling scene, the optimism surrouding the Thistle CC has to be tempered by the disquieting rumours regarding the status of the Wildewood Club. As reported in the July 11 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press, the status of the Wildewood Club is currently up in the air as the private facility on North Drive struggles to resolve some serious financial difficulties.

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