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UPDATE: Bismarck in Final Three for US Olympic Trials

Wednesday Aug 22 2007

August 22, 2007? By Resby Coutts

Bismarck has made it through to the final round in the selection process for the host site of the 2009 US National Curling Championships, an event which willalso serve as the US Olympic Trials. Bismarck is competing with Denver, Colorado and Rochester, New York.

Rick Patzke, chief operating officer for the United States Curling Association, told the Bismarck Tribune "Without a doubt, we were most definitely pleased (with the 2002 Worlds)".

"The bottom line with the Olympic trials is we want to make them a big event, an entertainment event that curlers and non-curlers will go to. We want to know if it can be the biggest show in town."

Supporters say size is Bismarck's greatest advantage over the other, larger finalists.

((ORIGINAL ARTICLE)) Sunday, 22 July 2007: Bismarck Drives Toward US Olympic Trials

Curling organizers at the Capital Curling Club in Bismarck, North Dakota expect to hear within a couple of weeks whether or not their bid to host the 2009 US Olympic Trials will be accepted by the USCA.

Bismarck, which hosted successful 2002 World Curling Championships and World Senior Curling Championships, is one of half a dozen centres bidding for the event. It will also serve to determine the 2009 US National Champions.

Jon Mielke, whose licence plate LV 2 CURL is symbolic of the enthusiasm of curling organizers in Bismarck, says they are optimistic. Mielke served as Chairman of the 2002 Worlds.

“We recognize that there are many criteria to be considered in making the decision,” Mielke says. “Bismarck has the experience and the proven track-record and those should be strong factors on our side.”

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